What are the most important characteristics of supported employment

Supported employment has become an employment option which values the important characteristics of inclusion, real money for real work, choice, individualization, and on-going support.

1.What are the most important characteristics of supported employment?

2. Briefly describe what each one means to an individual with a disability.

Supported employment, these are the services provided to people who have different disabilities such as mental health disability, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disabilities, and many others (Carlson, Pogoda, Gilbert, Resnick, Twamley, O’Neil, & Sayer, 2018). These people are assisted in obtaining and maintaining their employment. A workplace always is competitive and different benefits are expected to be equal to the employers. The people with disability also needs to get the benefits too.
The following are some of the characteristics of supported employment; in the workplace, when these people with disabilities are given different chances to participate in the work, this helps to promote their wellbeing and also can lead to recovery. Another one is that any institution should change its way of approaching these people and how to deliver their mental health services to them to make sure they don’t feel offended in any way. Employment maintenance is also another feature for supported employment; this means that people with disabilities should be trained and educated on how to maintain their work (Sherman, Lynch, Teich, & Hudock, 2017). Other employees should also learn how to live and work with these people with disabilities. Decision making is also a characteristic these individuals should be guided and given full support when it comes to matters that they are needed to make different decisions.
They have the right to choose their workmates and the type of work they’re interested in. People living with disabilities should be paid the same as people without disabilities. They should not be discriminated against in the community. An individual with disability this means is a severe condition that makes a person not to be able to do different activities or interact freely in the world with other people who do not have disabilities.

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