The study of pop culture has had a very long intimately relationship to cultural sociology since it is a subcategory of the cultural sociology and another separate arena of inquiry taken up by other disciplines. This paper will examine how various characters in a movie series will embrace diversity. The article also describes how the characters are being portrayed in the movie series. Additionally, the paper will also outline whether the characters in the movie are accurate or stereotypical based on the diversity consciousness perspective. There are also several recommendations based on the models, theories, and concepts that have leveraged a diversity consciousness in the movie series. Some of the intellectual traditions responsible for shaping the sociology pop culture are examined in the paper to trace the points of connections and the differences that arise between sociologists and other scholars who take part in studying pop culture.

‘Suicide Squad’ is a movie that I have watched. The film has incorporated characters who have uniquely blended, and apart from demonstrating visual diversity, it also considered lifestyle diversity. Some of the primary ‘Suicide Squad’ characters include Deadshot, Warner Bros, Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang. The movie has featured Viola Davis as an official Amanda Waller in the government. She is responsible for assembling a ragtag team of the villainies to perform the task of combatting threats. Will Smith (Deadshot) has played as the squad’s true leader. On the other hand, Margot Robbie has taken a lifetime role in Harley Quinn. These eclectic cast has been featured in the movie for the kids to see people acting in the movies looking like them to promote American diversity.
‘Suicide Squad’ cast has portrayed diversity in the movie. The movie has soughed the present individuals based on their society’s fridge by showing the cast as heroes. It has been demonstrated that not all criminals in society are inherently bad or have an evil intention. Deadshot, who is the main character in the movie, is seeking to do the right thing by a daughter, but he upends the tropes of the missing black dad. On the other side, El Diablo’s arc has been shown demonstrating the reality in real gang life without the need to demonize it.
Warner Bros is the upcoming DC Extended Universe entry in Suicide Squad, who has been featured in the movie. The characters have an eclectic mix, and they have been thrown together due to the thing they have in common, and that is ‘bad guys. As far as the movie goes, it’s very notable that the cast is diverse in terms of race. It has also featured in the critical roles of four female characters. The movie has been acted such that it meets the demand of the fans for diversion from broad, unbroken trends of the white-males who have dominated as the protagonists.
One of the most common arguments that I noticed in favor of diversity in Suicide Squad is that the movie has reflected the society as a whole in which it was produced and also the audience who have to watch the movies on the televisions are not only 50% of the US females but also almost 40% of the non-Hispanic whites. The movie has shown that the movie’s diversified cast has been less about ticking the boxes and, on the other hand, more driven by the fact that small kids should see people who will be looking like them in the movies. ‘Suicide Squad’ has shown natural and organic diversity.
The diverse cast of Suicide Squad has done more in the movie than just offering a more balanced reflection of the society, but instead, they have made a lot of sense in the business standout. A character such as Deadshot has performed better at the box office. The diversity in the movie has been portrayed as valuable, too, from the storytelling perspective whereby the characters such as Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang have been thrown together even though they have different personalities and backgrounds and not just in terms of their race and gender. For instance, the movie has teased the potential friction that comes in between hard-edged and disciplined Rick-Flag as well as Quinn’s self-described vexing antics. It has shown that Deadshot and El-Diablo get into a shooting match, trying to unleash all the powers he possesses.
‘Suicide Squad’ has boasted the talents of the characters like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis. From the diversity consciousness perspective, the movie has portrayed the cast as uniquely ethnically and racially diverse. When I compared the cast of the film with other high-grossing superhero casts assembled, the movie has the most diverse cast. The ‘Suicide Squad’ has mirrored the diversity of race and ethnics diversity of the present US society. This diverse cast has been able to change the whitewashed blockbusters’ standards to meet the demands of the audience, watching it across the country. Therefore, the characters in the movie have been portrayed as accurate characters.
In the past years, Hollywood has been criticized for casting only white actors and actresses (Kellner, 2011). Still, after watching the ‘Suicide Squad’ I noticed the movie sets a challenge to the whitewashed Hollywood stereotype, for instance, Waller who is an organic comic black character has been played by African American actress (Viola Davis) on the other hand Katana, who is a Japanese comic character is portrayed by an Asian actress (Karen Fukuhara). Also, Deadshot has been portrayed by Smith, who is not black in the organic comic, but he is a reverse switch, which is not relatively heard.
The portrayal of the characters in ‘Suicide Squad’ was accurate because the movie is also fairly gendered diverse. The cast team has four women who are among the major characters, which is a welcome departure from the superhero genre, which is usually male-dominated. The movie has shown great potential in helping to move the future superhero blockbusters from what people think is the fantasy to reality.
Some of the recommendations that I will offer to leverage the diversity consciousness in the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie based on models, theories and concepts include; The director should consider the traditional perspective of both assimilation and pluralism theories by briefly examining other possible group relationships in American (Ting-Toomey & Chung, 2005). The movie should apply the concepts ant the theories related to the traditional perspectives to the American immigrants as well as their descendants. Therefore, these efforts will result in a developed rich and complex cast, which will give the movie a chance to leverage the diversity consciousness. This concept will help the movie to build a powerful image in society by offering a description of how assimilation works and how it will be proceeded for the minority groups in America.
Since it is very difficult to separate human cognitive development from the social, historical, and cultural contexts, for instance, the characters in the ‘Suicide Squad’ have had such developments that emerged from a different background that they’ve come from (Guzmán & Valdivia, 2004). Therefore, the movie should engage all social and cultural material, symbols, and signs. They will create unique human forms for the characters, which will bring a higher level of thinking even to the audience. For the movie to leverage a diversity consciousness, it has to make the use of sociocultural theory. It uses the four aspects of human cognitive development i.e., the mind, the zone of proximal development, tools, and finally, the community of practice. These aspects will help the characters embed various groups’ activities without any bias, which will bring positive interrogations among the audience.
The movie director can use DMIS as a framework to show how actors and actresses can relate to their cultural differences. The director should focus on the education and the corporate settings of the whole cast team, which confronts the cultural differences. He can use the DMIS with great success to create a film that will develop a curriculum for the intercultural education to the audience as well as offering a training program for other upcoming actors and actresses who will be watching the movie (Guzmán & Valdivia, 2004).
The movie should confine the monocultural geographic features and the encapsulated life experience of both the movie characters and the audience. Many people suffer from a lack of a multicultural environment, which could benefit their audience. The director is therefore supposed to recognize the limitation in reality and use the cultural Encapsulation to counterbalance the limitations that might arise, which, in return, will maximize the audience’s multicultural diversity competency.
Finally, the movie causes the concept of cultural immersion. It will open doors to a more in-depth understanding of many places that the audience is not familiar with. Through this, the movie will allow the audience to understand those new places better, like the people who live there. Also, through the use of cultural immersion experiences in the movie will give the characters and the audience a better chance to learn new things (Kellner, 2011).

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