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transcultural assessment

• indicating that he is embedded in his cultural perspective.
• The African culture is riddled with mysteries that have not yet been fathomed.
• This is the culturally rich setting that “Michael Glade” grew up and was assimilated into.
• It will form the basis of this project.
• The client grew up in a setting that comprised of purely African bred caregivers.
The African setting is distinctively different from the common global lifestyle.
The culture champions for societal cohesion and integration
It also advocates for maintainace of societal hierarchy.
Therefore, it is prudent that the individual’s uniqueness is taken into consideration.
Cultural embededness of an individual usually marks the degree of uniqueness of the culture.
For instance, in the analysis the client rarely interacts with other cultures.
Moreover, M.G practices lifestyle synonymous to the one resonating with the African setting.
The client also allows his culture to blend in despite being a foreigner.
The individual is an African American denoted as :”Michael Glade”.
The individual is embedded into the African culture and practices.
The client also adheres to the beliefs stipulated by the community at large.
Moreover the client is a culturally adherent individual.

It is the single way in which the values norms and belief of a culture are disseminated.
In this form they are able to transcend to an upcoming age set or generation.
The information dispensed transcends to another provided communication style is effective.
The effectiveness is measured on ability to instill values to the generation.
Communication occurs in both the vertical and horizontal aspects.
There exists barriers to the dissemination of information including role of Christian values.
Modernism in the African culture is another barrier in the African culture.
Both forms of communication should over the barriers.
The degree of adoption of these societal values and presets varies as compared to earlier years
This variation is due to the influence of prevalent factors including modernity and Christianity.
During the interview, the aspects of communication i.e. horizontal and vertical were employed.
The tasks were done in order to come up with the specified information.
• Space in totality refers to the distance accorded among individuals during interaction.
• The space is essential if the interaction of two groups of different societal class.
• In cases of social norms and values space is also another important aspect.
• For instance, in some cultures personal space is mandatory between males and females.
There exists five levels of interpersonal space that include public, consultative, social, personal and intimate.
The personal space is basically the territory an individual possesses.
Intimate space is another form that is considered important to any human being.
The forms of space may invoke feelings if they are violated.
Personal and intimate levels of space are integral to any human being.
These spaces should often be respected despite any social standing in society.
In many cultures the intrusion of these spaces is enough cue to revoke any prior relationships.
Personal and intimate spaces are considered the important form among the five levels.
Social organization implies to the manner in which specific groups align with family groups.
The impact to the culture of a group is dependent on structure and organization of the family.
Therefore, it implies that culture of a society influences the organization of the family.
For any individual to present with desirable behavior the family structure should be knit.
Social organization in this context is dependent on the family structure and its organization.
Therefore, organization of the family unit is the main framework of social organization.
Social organization consequently necessitates the presence of family structure.
Without the presence of family structure then social organization is unlikely.
The interviewee outlined that the family unit and structure in his case were organized.
He stated that he ascends from a lineage of nuclear families with close relationships to date.
Therefore, it is highly probable that his social relationships are accommodative.
The same experience is visualized when he states that he thinks he is more friendly.
Cultural groups are future, present, or past oriented.
Cultural groups in many aspect require a bit of this heterogeneous alignment.
The alignment is necessary in order to enable satisfactory growth.
Therefore, every group needs this composition in order to satisfy each age set as well as its future.
Time being categorized in three distinct classifications should be future oriented.
This is to guarantee a healthy generation for times to come.
Every society therefore needs to plan for the future health needs
The planning is to ensure a health lifestyle among its members.
The African culture champions hard work in the form of tasks that ensure physical exercise.
These orientation caters for the future health and physical build.
More so, the African culture discourages laziness which a preventive measure.
The preventive measure helps eradicate sedentary lifestyles.
Environmental control is outlined as the intrinsic ability of the individual to chart nature.
Additionally it helps to adequately plan for elements that influence human life.
Therefore, in resonance to environmental control, internal control is viewed as a superior attribute.
It is more superior because internal control helps to have power over one’s health.
Environmental control in relation to internal control is an important aspect in forecasting
Health promotion is another component where the control is essential.
The essentiality is attributed to the control over the specific health status.
In every culture setting the aspect of internal control should supersede external control.
The interviewee’s culture has in the past advocated for internal control of the health status
The culture has ensured that medicinal products are available for use.
However there seems to be conflicts in regard to higher being belief.
The conflict is due to the instinct for internal control where subjects believe health is not a self initiative.
There exist differences in manifestation of health conditions among different ethnicities.
Most often these differences lead to stereotyping as well as false discrimination.
Therefore, to tackle this aspect there is need to understand the various differences.
The comprehension should occur in regard to human and ethnical differences.
Human differ in regard to disease progression as well as drug reaction.
For instance, approximately 100 million people are affected by lack of an enzyme.
The lack of the enzyme responsible for glucose metabolism predisposes the to diabetes.
Another example is that African Americans have higher doses of beta adrenergic blocking agents.
There exist ethnical differences in manifestation of obesity among the urban placed individuals.
This disparity exists due to the diet and lifestyles differences exhibited by the two cultural groups.
Consequently, it is imperative that these differences are considered
Most importantly it should occur during healthcare provision for the distinct groups.
There should be consideration of the uniqueness of every patient.
This attribute is enshrined in the tenets of nursing practice that champions for treatment.
Most importantly it engages every patient while considering his or her exclusiveness.
Therefore, in relation to cultural uniqueness this tenet resonates with the assessment.
Time is dependent on three classifications, however future time is considered indispensable in regard to health promotion.
Therefore teaching of the client in regard to focusing on practices that will elevate health status in future will suffice.
Personal and intimate space are the important aspects in space and should be respected.
For instance during teaching effort should be made to utilize other forms of space but elude these two as they either make or break relations.
I would ensure that I hold the cultural uniqueness of the client with compassion and empathy.
Health motivation is an important aspect and every patient should be told of the importance of internal control.
Communication is critical in every therapeutic relationship and it should be done in a manner that conforms to the cultural aspects.
Social disorganization should never be wished off as an inherent trait but should be considered as consequence of family structure and organization.


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