Perspectives on Ideology
Liberalism is an ideology that puts an individual’s freedom at the center. This freedom can only be protected in a society-based environment where the rule applies to all those involved. The key objective is for someone to live in peace. In the following discussion, three sources are discussed to bring out different levels of liberalism in society.
Minivan car owners and drivers are considered to be family, friends and community-oriented more than SUV owners. Minivans offer a vast space to have more passengers on board and also their consumption of gas is less compared to that of SUV. For that reason, minivans travel long distances which makes them preferable for families due to the many and different destinations they complete in a day. On the other hand, SUV drivers are considered to focus on themselves more due to the limited space inside. The small space limits the number of passengers. SUV’s do less distance in a day compared to minivans due to their high gas consumption. Owning a SUV offers more liberalism than owning a minivan. A person’s peace and freedom is more in a limited passenger vehicle than one with a vast space inside. Minivans are not likely to ensure peace and liberty as many people are on board and can give many destructions.
All citizens must be responsible, but some need to be responsible in society due to their privileged position. The wealthy have a collective obligation to take care of the less fortunate in society than themselves due to several reasons. First, the need for public service to the society that supports us, the welfare of the community we dwell in, and the appeal for the common good should prevail. The wealthy should be able to influence others instead of just focusing on themselves. Secondly, if you are doing something which gives you so much income, you can’t be so sure that it will sustain you for the rest of your life. Lastly, no one became rich by themselves; the society bore some costs to enable such wealth; hence someone should give back. Helping the less fortunate in the society creates liberalization from poverty as many will gain stability in providing for their own needs. It also helps the government in delivering liberalization in income inequalities.
Capitalism encourages privatization of industries hence taking the decisions about the firms from the central government to individuals. It encourages innovation and feeding of human needs. With the establishment of sovereignty in human choice, capitalism triggers a lot of industrialization. Capitalism comes along with liberalization of the industrial sector from the government. Privatizing firms give someone the freedom to make critical decisions of the company in terms of growth and innovation. The freedom also brings about competition in the markets hence stimulating diversification and growth.
In summary, the above sources are linked in that they focus on freedom of the wealthy and that of the less privileged. There are two approaches which create a relationship between the sources. One approach is in terms of the kind of decisions people make based on their social class. Those that are made by the wealthy differ from those made by the less privileged. Another approach is by the amount of freedom enjoyed by the two parties, the poor and the rich. This freedom mostly influences decisions made, which can either leads to growth or remain in the same situation.