This part of the report will be directed internally to your team’s engagement manager. The idea is to present

Part 3: Generalization
This part of the report will be directed internally to your team’s engagement manager. The idea is to present
these approaches to your team. The work will then be conveyed to the client’s technical team and middle
managers who are working closely with you on the project. Plan your communication accordingly.
Did you see any problems with the data set? If so, whom would you report them to, and what would you do
to address them? What would be different about the next version of the data?
The problems in the data include missing values and data for adherence and baseline separated. The data
should be collected in one form to help easily link the baseline conditions to patients and conduct a summary
for each region. It will benefit by having a lesser workload. This should be reported to the data clerk or
collection technicians.
If the organization wants to monitor this kind of information over time, what would they need to provide,
and at what frequency?
The organization will need reporting capabilities by having the data analysis conducted in this exercise turned
into an automated script whereby it will keep capturing data through time and generating the reports. The
frequency should be daily and the analysis carried out for every 365 rolling window days. That is, an analysis
report generated for every 365 days.
How would you build on the reporting capabilities that you have created? What would you design next?
The reporting should include a word report and a data visualization demonstrationion. For instance, the
visualization will show the effect of variables like age, sex, region, baseline condition, and dabetes on the
patient’s likelihood to make a medication followup or refill for ACE Inhibitors, Beta Blockers, and Statins.
The next design will be reports that comprise of both the data analysis and insightful comments based on
the output.
Part 4: Opportunities
This part of the report will be directed externally to your client’s senior leadership. Your work will help
to determine the future direction of the project and the company’s contract with this client. Plan your
communication accordingly.
What are some opportunities to learn valuable information and inform strategic decisions? List a number of
questions that you might explore.
The opportunities to learn value information will give insights for strategic decision-making. This include
establishing the effect of age on health condition and sex-based discrepancies in health.
Does age influence baseline condition? What is the effect of diabetes on baseline condition? What are the
discrepancies in health condition based on age and sex?
What kind of interventions would you build to help improve medication adherence? Which populations would
you work with? How would you help them?
Based on the analysis report, the intervention to improve adherence to medication will include reminders to
take medication, deploying home care nurses , and educating family members to offer supportive services to
the individuals. working with individuals aged below 13 and those above 50 years. It will help them adhere
to medication patterns and maintain a health lifestyle by ensuring they get medical checkups using their
insurance covers.
How would you approach other decisionmakers within the organization to assess their priorities and help
them better utilize the available information?
The information will be presented in graphs showing the adherence patterns for the different user groups
based on age and sex. This will help them note the areas of concern such as individuals below the age of 13
and those above age of 50 or the elderly. Graphical representation of information with demonstration will
make it easier for them to review and understand since they do not have the data analysts technical skills.
Video Submission : Make a 2-minute pitch to the client with a proposal for the next phase of work. Include
in your request a budget, a time frame, and staffing levels. Explain why this proposal would be valuable for
the client and worth the investment in your consulting services. Please submit this answer as a short video
recording. You may use any video recording program you feel comfortable with. The only requirements are
that you are visible and audible in the video. You may also submit a file of slides if that is part of your pitch.

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