Technology in Business.

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Technology in Business.
To define, technology simply uses scientific acquaintance for a particular purpose, mainly in industry, more so the experimental science has now been the critical thing that is now used by many to their businesses. Any form of marketing that every individual lays, they prefer to use the new and developing technology which mostly has brought about a lot of added advantages while in the business. In this paper, I am going to focus on one type of technology that is mostly used in most of the firms that the individuals open daily. The article will also mention more about the advantages of this technology to the individuals using it as well as the disadvantages since they are also there, although not many. The technology that is going to focus on is that of the computer. The paper will also entail some other types of techniques as well as their impacts on the business.
For the business to get well known by the customers and more individuals, the current technology is required since it can promote all these. As I stated earlier, there are many types of technologies, and to mention, most of them are useful as far as the business affairs are concerned. One of these types of technology to describe is telephone communication technology. May business that is operated by the individuals require this kind of technology in such a way to make sure that there is proper communication with the clients. Communication is a great key thing that brings people together, despite the location or country or how far you are (Croteau, 2001). Once a business has established a good as a whole operating way of communication, then it is clear that there will be numerous individuals who will be ready to keep communicate so that they can request for the service from the business. This way, it is essential to make sure that there is a whole operating system of communication in your business to have experience as well as excellent communication with the clients, and this can only be established utilizing creating to your business the means of telephone communication.
The second type of technology that can be essential as well as supportive of the general business functions is the accounting system. The accounting system can be defined as a kind of system that is useful in collecting as well as storing without and also processing the data of finance as well as accounting. It is generally a computer-based way that is important or useful in tracking as well as showing the activities on accounting. This is mostly required in most developed countries, but I would also encourage the use of it to all the types of businesses. In most cases, it gives the accurate as well as the data that the client can tend to complain of. Although, most of the company that cannot afford to use this kind of technology, they mostly prefer the use of receipts that can be used to track as well as show all the transactions that were carried by the business (Griswold, 1985). Although, this type of technology is more legit as you are assured that your data is stored and you can access it anywhere on remote areas. The technology also has the added advantage in such a way that it gives accurate info as it reduces the number of errors that can be done by an individual. An inventory control system is also another form off technology that can be used in the business. For you to have a lot of customers or clients from abroad or many parts or even worldwide, you require the inventory control system type of technology. This is a form of technology that is used it the process of ordering a good or item from where you are located, and the item is shipped by the business you ordered from. This form of technology will also be useful in many ways some of them being tracking the order that either the customer requested and it was not delivered. Also, it can be used by the customers to order any good from where they are at without leaving delivery options were on this system they check to make sure that you have keyed the correct as well as a place for the delivery of your item. The method, in general, is used to receive the orders from the clients as well as helping the business personnel to track the rules that the customers have raised complaints about. In most cases, this type of business technology it legit as well as helpful to the businesses that want to market their goods abroad or worldwide.
There is also one type of technology that is known as network technologies. This is a type of technology that mostly used by the business which includes the network on the cables that can be such as the telephone cables used for communication, including the tv cables and many more. This will promote good as well as cheap methods for connection to the business (Hernández-Lara, 2019). As I mentioned, I would focus on computer technology that is a business; computer technology has a lot of advantages than the disadvantages. These type of technology can be useful in communications being one of the positions, and this communication is only availed or supported in places where there is a remote network.
The communication is either advertised on online platforms, that is the business, and many people can access the info about the company. They end up contacting you for more details if they are interested. The computer system also can be used to store information about the business or all the business data. This can be done when you feed to the computer the data of your business and save it on your computer. The information will remain saved until when you will delete it. That way, you are assured that you can provide the information to the clients who may bring the complaints about a particular order or transaction they have ever transacted on your business (Hollander, 1999). In general, the, compute can be used to many other things that the different type of technologies can do. Therefore computers can be used to replace some of the techniques although, some technologies can’t get replaced by the computing it is essential, or it is required that they are there. In most cases, the computer cannot be used in business since the machines can be used in remote areas as they also require the network that is supportive of them to have access to the internet.
Some challenges can be on the management of the business existing from the existing technology in the industry that I said it is computer technology. These challenges can be such as inadequate skills to some individuals, especially in using the computers (Howell, 2018). To operate the equipment, you need to be an expert since it can be hard for some individuals. The network contains a lot of packages that individuals are required to study to operate it. It also includes a specific language that once you don’t understand it, then you can’t use it. Therefore this can be one kind or type of challenge to the management and to end the problem, and then it is a critical requirement that they are all educated on how to use the computers. Another probable challenge is that once you are in a remote area, or the areas where there is poor network, then you cannot be able to use the computer in some way. This can be a challenge to the individuals in such a way that there are the resources, but you cannot use them due to some circumstances like those. In some other cases, the light which is emitted from the computers can be of effects to some people, therefore, leading them to have the challenge in using them. It can also be a challenge to individuals when the laptop tends to be hacked. This way, the once who do this hacking process ends up delaying all your data and leaving your business data lost; hence you cannot recover them. Therefore, these can also be a challenge to the business as well as to the management. The use of computer can in the market also be a challenge to the present management through the way of operating or the way the machine works.
In some cases, the computers are slow hence making it a problem to serving a lot of the customers. Besides, the network sometimes can fail, and you have a lot of customers online, and therefore you end up losing them since as I mentioned you would not be able to use the compute in a place where you don’t have the network. In such a way, you just end up losing your customers, and they end up transaction some of the business they required on another platform of companies.
The computer technology despite having the challenges that I have highlighted to the business, it also has a lot of added advantages to the company or a lot of impacts to sales as well as marketing, finance and production the human resource and many other functions within the business. Some of this impact can be the use of the computer for advertising. Advertising is the way of promoting your business to social media where most of the people get to know about it through the advert. The computer technology can be of use primarily to online advertising, you can be able to create an advert by the use of your computer quickly, and since you can access the internet with your computer, then you will then post it there. By that way, you will have marketed your business to people out there. Another way, computer van be used in analytic calculations; this is another positive impact on the industry. The computer after you feed the information or the data, and then unlike people, you are assured that the calculations will be correct as it contains the programming for the calculator. This way, you can also install your forecasts or data on your computer after you get the sum that you needed.
The other impact that the computer has for your business or on your business is, allowing proper communication to your customers. Business communications can be done to the clients through the network. There is some supported online site where the individuals can have the official account to promote their business. This site can mostly be used to pass communications to the clients. Some of this site can be such as the emails and many others. In another way, the business can be promoted by helping the customers to place the order. This can be supported by the computer whereby the business owners can have a unique website for the business and advertise their goods there (Mogonea, 2018). The customers will see these goods, and they can inquire to know more about them and others will be in aid of purchasing them, this way as the business owner you can just have some of the customers care who can be helping this kind of clients to place the order online to get more or enough income.
The compute decrease expenses by mechanizing routine responsibilities, such as record-keeping, bookkeeping, as well as the payroll. Instead of writing down some of such kind of requirements, then the computer can also be useful for such essential tasks to the business. It also increases the morale of some employee. The employee feels quite comfortable while operating the computer as he or she is assisting or attending to the clients. The same way, the network does not suffer from any mental issues compared to the individuals who mostly can pretend to be tired while working alone. Therefore the computer will make sure that things are simple for the employees. The laptop keeps you always connected to as many customers as you require. That way, you can be able to interact with many people from a different locality, either your location or also from abroad. This also increases chances for the business to get well known to the individuals. Financially the computer can be used in making of the payslips as well as recording the data of the paid employees. By this way, you can get info regarding the employees you have paid and the once you have not. The payslips can be done using computers. This payslip requires some calculations which while you have your laptop on your business, you can just feed the data and get the calculations done by your computer.
In conclusion, technology, not only computer technology, is essential to the business in many different despite having the challenges (Venkitachalam, 2017). Therefore, to promote your business as well as ensure that you keep rising, then I would go with the answer yes advance with the technology. Try to acquire the technology machines so that you can ease all the business transactions as well as activities you carry on your business.

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