Sunlight Delight Early Childhood Education Program

Sunrise Delight Early Childhood Education program


Sunrise Delight Early Childhood Education program
. Introduction
The choice of this program as an endeavor is contributed by the need to create a harbor of preparation of young children at the age of 3-5, with a focus on children with exceptional needs and others who might benefit from the program. It will enable informal interaction with day to day school activities to sharpen their skills in preparation for joining the elementary school. This program will incorporate learning and developmental sessions to allow the child to conform to school schedules and understand the routine activities slowly. It is the hope that this program will equip the child with the necessary skills that will be applicable in the elementary school years, such as timekeeping, observance of rules, organisation and impact virtues of respect, obedience and cooperation.
Program philosophy
The program will be an essential tool to provide enormous benefits to both the child and the parent. The teacher is engaged in providing the necessary tools for developing the child. From this perspective, the teacher will be involved in planning, exception and equations of the child’s progress. The child is expected to conform to everyday ECE programs. This involves being at the school premises at the right time, complying with rules and regulations and interacting with others to develop social skills. It is the expectation that the program will enroll children with different needs as the program is mentored on ensuring all these needs are well catered . This is in regards to a child with special needs or other levels of indifference. This will engage various streams of learning that will ensure fairness and equitable gains to all. The curriculum would involve sessions of writing and reading, afternoon napping and playtime. This is essential elements in the development of a young child. There is also a need for family contribution, especially in regards to assisting the teacher understand the needs of the child. This will be a necessary interaction that will be engaged until the child moves to the next level of learning.
Program brochure

Sunrise Delight Early Childhood education Centre
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We are here to ensure your child receives the best ECE education to foster and develop your child through character building and potential. We serve in the growth of the mind and the
Given the future through mentoring and empowerment.
That’s why we at sunrise delight say:-

‘Help the child, brighten the future.’ Partial handbook components
The Handbook will constitute three items. This the curriculum and the expectations expected of the parent and child, the fees and the program budget, and disciplinary and conflict resolution.
The curriculum and parent-child expectation-This part will include the procedures and processes to which a child is required to commit to, such as being on time to school and being picked on time in the evenings. It will also include the plans and events such as PTA meetings.
Fees and program budget-This include a general simplified fee statement that will show the requirements from the parent in regards to meals, activities, trips and other miscellaneous expenses.
Disciplinary and conflict resolution. This will establish clear guidelines that will show the ‘do or don’t ‘within the school premises and the repercussions. This will be an item. The teachers will use that to respond to disciplinary issues and the rents as a reference. Furthermore, the methods of conflict resolution will be documented.
Teacher and staff job description
The teacher is involved mainly in the day to day interaction with the child and hence plays a vital role in the Centre. The teacher’s task will be to ensure that all the children are available every day and seek confirmation for absentees. Furthermore, they will teach the children trading and writing and supervision of nap and playtime activities. Other staff members will include a cook, security guard and a junior who will be responsible for their work activities, which are to ensure continuity of the school program
The recruitment of this teacher and staff members will have to be a scrutinisation process that will entail all individual consideration. There will be a requirement regarding educational qualifications for the teachers and relevant qualifications for the other staff members. For the interview, some key questions will be a Description of one’s relations with children between the age of 3-5 , relations with children with different needs and how tolerant they are to children. Prior experiences with children and the results of the encounter. Personal beliefs and opinions on teaching and being of service to children within this age. Their personal goals and objectives concerning the new occupation. This will help to select individuals who. Will be competent and reassuring to the parents.
Training and evaluation
Further efforts will be put in ace as time goes on regarding the improvement of the quality standards by the teachers and offer motivation within the context of work. This will be advanced through training, workshops and benchmarking exercises. The primary purpose of these activities is to help the teachers and staff reevaluate their attitudes and skills in the Centre and be more effective in their work. Furthermore, the management will be involved in the day to day activities enabling and evaluate the standards of the staff and the learning environment.
The budget
The Centre will have an annual budget that will organise the various expenses for the To begin with, it will require a statement of revenues. This is the fees and by the parents to the Centre. These collective funds will be used in the running costs. Among the expenses in the budget will be the monthly salaries of the staff. The Centre aims at providing the team with us off wages that will keep them motivated to ensure the smooth running of the Centre. Another expense is the purchases made, including the homeroom equipment and books, food suppliers and other miscellaneous assets. Safe from homeroom equipment supply, the rest will be an occasional cost on the Centre.
The hope that the Centre will patrons the service and give their children enough space and opportunity to develop skills necessary for elementary school. Furthermore, it will enable the catering of all needs of the child, whether physical or otherwise. With a team of dedicated teachers and staff, we can assure and ensure that the child’s interests come first and our joint duty together with the parents. The Sunrise Delight Early Childhood Education Center make it your first step in developing your child’s future.

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