300words to answer the following questions
why you choose this topic,
how you search the sources.
and what your blue print of this topic.
and the structure of your work

Air pollution is an issue that should not be taken lightly and the exposure can affect everyone in equal measure or more. Therefore, climate action cannot be avoided whatsoever. Pollution has different ways to our body systems which can worsen by putting more diseases through where bad things can happen. Air quality if not good can make us be hospitalized many times for diseases like cancer or death also. The blood stream and lungs are where the entering point of the diseases and that’s why it’s good if the air is fresh. Searched sources on Google and found good areas to refer work to which are some things that have been implemented before and other are new which makes me feel that the sources are fine. my blue print is create an bases to look at the bad and make it adjusted to good ways in the approaches
So to make things easy it’s good to have ways to do it and understand well the structure of this work well and it’s important to have challenge part where the problem can be mentioned from time to time. Then background research area with references in the work, the feature used in writing to make the work understanding to this people reading to embrace the issues being worked on from there. The same time which makes their information viable for people will reduce or cause zero emissions. Companies damages is part of the structure that are the big problem in the long run to make the end of the issues to eradicate post health conditioned disisews. Control of the same time to the same time which makes me wonder if all will be received throughout the writing conditioned to make environment cleaner and safer for us humans well so that no health complications and other related risks .