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The Vinci’s Last Supper and Tintoretto’s Last supper
The last supper by Leonardo is very different to Tintoretto’s representation of the same incident. The last super is the one of the most important events that may have been seen the need for the event that many people have seen the need for the event virtually recorded through the most two famous of the representations are by far Leonardo’s and Tintoretto’s work. The last supper by Jacob Tintoretto summarizes the last supper painting with any comparison to another art work. This section gives details of how the canvas looks and artistic models employed in this portrait.
The Tintoretto’s is based on Christian belief which is related in the last supper which Jesus shared whine and bread among all of his twelve disciples and it was also believed that Jesus’s preaching the spiritual ideas to his disciples. However, the complete darkness on the Tintoretto’s paintings does not only reflect the evening darkness but also symbolizes the dominance of ignorance of all human beings (Vasari, 2019). In this event, the disciples of Jesus promised him that they will reach to the ignorant individuals and teach them the message of Christ.
The Tintoretto’s paintings features the dining table diagonally along the left half of Jesus’ work and his disciples before the table there is a won cleaning the feet of Jesus and the area above them are the angelic presence of cherubs. The Leonard’s painting on the last supper depicts Jesus and his disciples in Santa Maria delle Grazie while the Tintoretto’s paintings shows Jesus and his disciples in the church of San Giorgio. Jacob Tintoretto and Venice Leonard da Vinci are both popular artist renowned for the best art in the 16th century (Nichols, 2015). The two depictions of the last supper are very different due to several numbers of the outline facts. The paintings are different due to different purposes which each of the have. However, both of the paintings has strong use chiaroscuro and colors representing different things.

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