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Tourism in Dubai
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Dubai is considered to be one of the most beautiful and attractive places to be in the entire world. Additionally, it is considered as one of the fastest-growing nations across the whole world. Dubai has continued development in terms of trade and infrastructure. However, Dubai is slowly turning into a business hub mixed with several fun sites and recreational activities. As a result, most of the tourist have the option of conducting any kind of businesses they would like and also enjoy themselves when in the country. The growth of Dubai has led to different perspectives concerning several options of sustaining itself amid developments and the exponential growth of the country.
Dubai has become a continental tourism destination with people from different parts of the world who travels from their countries to admire and experience the only one in a lifetime experience in the city. The development of Dubai has however been continuous progress which has taken so many years so that to attained its current standards in terms of its attraction and destination for all of the visitors. Due to internal peace in Dubai, a very large population of people have been dreaming to travel to Dubai and enjoy themselves in once in a lifetime.
Dubai authorities have has an essential element in a programmed of the diversification of economic resources. Besides, they have highly invested in very expensive facilities in the world. Furthermore, they have undertaken extensive marketing and therefore the results have been the rapid growth of tourism. The great anticipation of the future of Dubai is reflected in setting the high arrival targets on their investments. Dubai has benefited from stability, internal peace, and the best tourism profile locally and globally.

Thematic Entry 1: The influence of quality on destination image
The innovative involvement of new technologies and smartphones has highly transformed the tourism and travel industries in Dubai. Research states that the flight visa booking apps based on mobile phones and laptops are considered to be the most downloaded apps in the whole world and most of the app users do regular tickets and visa bookings while planning for their trips. I have seen that many people make their travel arrangements using their phones or computers. However, the apps are considered to be very friendly and easy to use hence a large number of people make their applications and bookings on their phones.
There is a new app known as “Travel Explore and Go” which creates a community which the app users would use to interact with locals stores and also interact with the landmarks for further assistance when booking for the travels. Additionally, this app proves the clients traveling experiences and pleasures to the customers. Nonetheless, the travel app also offers support when in need. Despite the flight booking, the app can also be used as hotel bookings, fetching enough details of the destination, booking online ticketing and also give clear feedback on the destination (Haneef & Bhavani, 2019).
Thematic Entry 2: Gamification.
The Dubai gamification market is growing so fast and the increase in the tourist population is an advantage to the adopters of the gamification techniques. There has been an increase in the use of social media platforms which has become a nom for the upcoming generation (Khan & Chathoth, 2017). So many people are using social media platforms to check on the best places to visit in Dubai. Additionally, a large group of people is using social media to get attest to the best malls and hotels in Dubai. Nonetheless, tourist uses social media platforms to order for food staffs and clothing once, in Dubai, they also use social media to interact with their friends and family members while in Dubai. As a result, this act has encouraged several companies to give online gamification techniques so that both employees and customers can be benefited from equal measures.
I have witnessed that gamification is one of the critical parts of the present-day organization. Gamification is not only helpful to the customers but also helpful to the organization when doing marketing activities such as advertising, campaign and company branding of different products and services which the organization offers. As a result, the gamification techniques help the organization in gaining a rapidly increasing number of prospective clients which is a great benefit to the company. All organizations have plans to increase their profits annually which can only happen when the company has a rapid flow and increase of the prospective clients.
There are several types of gamification such as reward points, club cards, and virtual budges which are helping in the company when creating loyalty among a different segment of the customers. The strategy of gaming is helpful when giving the customers gifts and also rewarding them for using the services of the company which being loved by the customers. However, the strengths of the developed and modernized gamification app are that they allow the users to access the legit information of their surrounding also to the places they are planning to visit and this can be very helpful where there are no much or enough information at the moment.
I feel that this app would help influence the tourist and also capturing the attention of the visitors to travel to particular landmarks. Additionally, it would also help clients to remove all the obstacles which might come their way when visiting their country of interest. I feel that this app is one of the reasons why Dubai is rapidly growing faster than African countries having physical features and wild animals for tourism. I have seen tourism coming from all over the world to go and visit Dubai due to its easy access, easy flight and hotel bookings using their phone apps.
Everyone knows that Dubai is the only paradise for tourism. Dubai has all kinds of sightseeing opportunities such as sports, culture, business, medical tourism, and businesses. However, there are also so many attractive sites such as hotels, restaurants, food services, photography, and transportations. Dubai is one of the sure adventures for the old and new enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
The submissively incorrectly named Alserkal Avenue is a whole mind-boggling set in an old marble manufacturing plant, which currently has its tremendous distribution centers loaded up with provocative contemporary craftsmanship from the UAE and its provincial neighbors. Displays like Ayyam and Third Line organize turning presentations all year, so there’s continually something on. Yet, this homegrown expressions locale isn’t only for craftsmanship any longer: bistros, a bean-to-bar chocolate industrial facility called Mirzam and even a little historical center of retro autos have grown up among the artistic creations and models
Thematic Entry 3: Cross Dubai Creek on an abra
It keeps going under five minutes, yet the best and least expensive approach to get across Dubai Creek is by riding an abra, a conventional wooden pontoon kitted out with an engine and a solitary seat in the center (Zaidan, 2016). Once the abra is full, it whirrs across to the contrary side of the Creek, and you’ll pay the driver just Dhs1 in transit. From the water, it’s anything but difficult to study the city’s attractive engineering, from the present day, glass developments to more established structures made of coral and stone bested with the barrel, wind towers that give a characteristic type of cooling. On the off chance that you can’t get enough of this scene, get an espresso in one of the waterside bistros and watch the traffic pass by, or even contract an entire abra for Dhs100 every hour.
This attracted many people from different countries to come and ride an abra. An abra is well known as the traditional wooden boat which is more attractive and interesting to ride and even to travel by it is fun. I remember I used an abra to cross Dubai creek using it, it’s only a five minutes journey but since it’s very interesting I chose to go for many trips so that I can enjoy it. I realized that the wooden boat brought many people from different parts of them and created many things between us. The wooden traditional boat itself created to love and unity among different people from different tribal lines across the world to come and enjoy and even laugh together.
The tourist attraction based on the same site leads to the creation of several business opportunities which contributed to the rapid growth of infrastructure, a decrease in unemployment cases and improvement of living standards. Also, I saw many people who aren’t Dubai’s citizens working there and earning a living for themselves which is an advantage to the whole world. However, tourism in Dubai do not only contribute to their rapid growth of infrastructure but also contributes to the growth of the whole world.

Thematic Entry 4: Originality
Dubai has developed to become one of the leading tourism destinations in the whole world, and however, it has become a leading country despite academic notions of tourism planning, sustainability demands of authenticity and all tourism resource requirements (Wise & Harris,2016). Dubai’s tourism attractions have made them be the best business operating nation in the whole world. They build hotels and restaurants for tourists. As a result, this has created a rapid growth of infrastructure hence the development of the whole nation. However, tourism has not created a job opportunity for their citizens only but also to other job seekers in other countries of the world.
My first time Dubai I went there to learn and have the experience of tourism in the country. I discovered many African and Arabic citizens working there. Dubai is a free nation, its beautiful appearance attracts many people to go and look for employment. The high-quality products manufactured by Dubai manufactures are considered to be of high quality hence leading to an increase in demand for the given products. However, this has provided several opportunities for authors to use Dubai as their stepping stone through which the challenge the moves and the concepts established nations of traditional tourism.
When looking to the highest quality manufactures, I recommend Dubai to any of the investors and the business people to have a deal with them. I machines of the highest qualities in Dubai being sold at a very fair price.

Thematic Entry 5: Strap in for a desert safari
Just past as far as possible and unmistakable from the grand perception deck of the sky-scratching Burj Khalifa are interminable camel-shaded sand ridges loosening up toward each path. Getting out into the desert and testing Bedouin life is a basic thing on any Dubai schedule, not only for the rush of sliding over the rises yet to get a comprehension of life in the sand (Nadkarni & Heyes, 2016). Dubai has an ever-developing mass of event congregations, yet perhaps the most ideal approaches to get an adrenalin surge is to lock in a sparkling Land Rover and ride the thrill rides of the desert.
After the ride, you can return to earth in a desert camp where you’ll be benevolently served dates, Arabic espresso and a Bedouin-style feast, trailed by hookah and henna. Various organizations in Dubai offer desert endeavors, yet getting a visit together with Intrepid methods you’ll be in a little gathering and driven by an accomplished neighborhood.
This one of the things which I got attracted to. I realized I wasn’t the only person who got attracted but several people came from different sides of the world to come and enjoy the soft sandy deserts of Dubai. Having a ride on a camel is very interesting many Arabs used that the only way of earning a living. Arabs who keep Camels use the camels for transportation in the desert and a lot of money from the tourist and also travelers.

Thematic Entry 6: Stage Authenticity in heritage tourism
Cultural legacy was a central point in the arrangement of legislative issues and personality for country states. However, in Europe, a continuous over-happening to old patriotism has prepared for its postmodern emphasis, where it is interlaced with the travel industry, the market, leisure, and amusement (Kosti & Gatlieb, 2018). All things considered, landmarks, galleries, and archeological locales have become significant components to schematize the travel industry and consumption.
Over the previous decades, some rich Middle East nations including the United Arab Emirates have embraced a comparative utilization of legacy: it has been utilized to construct or reexamine national character, and to advance recreational and vacationer activities. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two critical cases. Their immaterial legacy assists with building neighborhood character and to pull in visit ism, together with the urban communities’ extravagant inns and their ultra-present day shopping centers. Additionally, city organizations have even welcomed some significant Western exhibition halls to open nearby offices, to expand the travel industry and affirm their new status as worldwide urban communities
Thematic Entry 7: Malls and Museum
Legacy and business show up constantly connected in a regular postmodern relationship, which is introduced as a verifiable association. The area committed to “Legacy” in the Dubai Expo website, after a brisk reference to the nearby history that “goes back to 5,500 BC,” clarifies how “archaeological proof recommends those most punctual occupants occupied with an exchange with their neighbors a characteristic that remaining parts crucial to the nation’s personality today” (Haneef & Bhavani, 2019). As such, the ultra-present day shop-ping shopping centers would be the endpoint in a long chronicled process. It is a refined sort of trimming: one has not even to utilize structural components to propose, underline, or rethink a tie with the past, as happens somewhere else; one may essentially introduce an advanced structure as a bit of history.
Heritage and culture assume a huge job in urban redesign; yet, this procedure may mess up the preservation of legacy. In the Emirates, the experience of worldwide and Western models with the neighborhood and Arabian conventions has stirred personality issues and has brought forth a protection entryway. Government bodies knew about the peril, in any event, for the travel industry, of molding ugly city capes excessively like worldwide models, and rather upheld types of legacy restoration and urban remodel and beautification that unified contemporary plan and customary style. Far from being a type of protection from globalization, is its typical outcome.
Safeguarded and reestablished legacy, implanted in recently molded urban spaces, turns into an advanced type of urban embellishment and a vacation destination, as a type of notable motivation. As indicated by Wise & Harris, (2016), this legacy recovery, however part of the procedure of globalization stayed a national and ideological undertaking with representative importance. Regardless, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, on account of their money related quality, have had the option to make a staggering arrangement of new structures and attractions that contend with the primary universal models, yet have even become new models.
Perception of authenticity or authenticity by the tourist is a critical part of the heritage tourism, which all of the mentioned advantages above are related to. Heritage tourism is having several definitions in the literature of tourism and it’s an essence of a combination of history, tradition, local customs, art and crafts serving as the main attraction to the tourist and the investors.

Thematic Entry 8: Rummage through Dubai’s souqs
Clean up your haggling aptitudes and walk the maze-like markets of Bur Dubai and Deira. On offer is everything from complicatedly planned 24-karat-gold gems in the Gold Souq to hills of sweet-smelling cardamom, Iranian saffron and strong pieces of menthol in the Spice Souq (Wise & Harris, 2016). Dubai’s most established market has a region called the Textile Souq, where you can take your pick of sensibly estimated textures in a rainbow of hues before getting it cut into shape by a tailor and made into a bespoke piece of clothing.
Despite the modern world and the change of fashion, I loved Dubai’s traditional clothes. This is one of the attractions Dubai has. They have all kinds of old fashioned attires of which some of them we never put on. Many of the citizens in Dubai make these and sell them on their markets for the tourist. Apart from earning a living from it, they also attract many tourists from different parts of the world to go and buy some products from them which are believed to be of high-quality products.

Conclusion and Recommendation
I only stayed for a week in Dubai but I perceived so many things which could be linked back to tourism literature. I realized that I could link the observations I made with all of the tourism issues I leaned in class since I was very active and on every occasion in Dubai, I was very attentive and critically I observed everything I experienced. At the start, I thought that a week was not enough for me to gather all of the information I was looking for. However, when I was coming back from Dubai, I realized that I even mastered several experiences, which I could now link with the tourism issues which I could not link due to lack of enough number of words required. On the other hand, it was a very nice experience for me to be in a new city and a new country where I have never been there before. I loved the trip because I had a chance to reflect and perceive what I had experience there since I don’t normally visit such places when am on a holiday.
According to the observations I made, I got interested in different issues of quality of services due to problems of communications between tourists and workers or guiders. I would be more interested in measuring tourist satisfaction in the country to enhance the destination image not only in Dubai but also in the whole world. Dubai tourism product and the service quality should be enhanced especially staff employees who are good at speaking English should be employed to give good quality services. Poor quality services can affect the country negatively in terms of tourism. Dubai is struggling already to maintain its cultural tourism offer which is believed to be more sustainable to the tourists.
Additionally, Dubai is also struggling to maintain its sustainable products based substantiation which can diversify the tourism offer in Dubai e establishing other low-quality products giving tourists more creative experience (VVVV).

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