​For this assignment, I chose the African American race. It is because many black people are profoundly affected by racism as the race is easily noticed. Many avoid black people with different claims, which is only as a result of myths and false beliefs. Some people believe that black people have some plague which they can pass to other people if they associate with them. Some think that being black is a disease, and thus they feared to be with those people that are African Americans (Fanning, 2018). Being a black American, I chose to attend a VIP (very important people) concert. The VIP concert was about different country music musicians performing various songs. I decided to participate because I love country music and that the show is a comfortable and relaxed function where everyone enjoys while seated.
​Rich people were the group of attendance, and they always have a habit of doing some things with the name of protecting themselves. Due to the pride that reach people have, they tend to show what they feel towards something. For instance, if they dislike a certain race, it is easy to read it from even their facial expression. The individuals can easily walk away or also go to other places to avoid some minor issues such as being in a place where there are individuals of a race they dislike. The primary source of the biases is the pride that rich people have; making them unable to hide some thoughts they may be having (Corlett, 2018). Also, having a lot of wealth that can make them spend time in any place regardless of how expensive the area is a source.
​After the attendance, it was evident that many were not willing to stay near a black person. Some excused me to pass and after sitting, people that were seated on the next table shifted to another place. They probably behaved in that manner due to what they believe and also not wanting to be associated with a black person. I could notice the waiters were also reluctant to serve me while I was seated alone. I was a bit excited while attending the event. It was a rare kind of activity, and thus I hoped to enjoy the whole event. However, the excitement changed, and I felt isolated. By the time I left the place, I have many thoughts about what made people that bias which made me uncomfortable.
​According to how people responded, I realized that racism is still there; it is just that people pretend not to be racists. Many people are not comfortable when there is a person of another race amongst them due to the beliefs they have. While going to the concert, I expected that everything would just be healthy and I will enjoy the show, just like everyone else. However, it differed from my expectations because I spent most of the time thinking about how racist people are. The experience is essential as it can help in knowing how people feel about my race and thus make me adjust to the situation. Also, I can communicate with different people that I work with to understand what causes racism, and therefore I can be in a position to stop racism. It is easy to change colleagues from being racists as I interact a lot with them.

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Fanning, B. (2018). Racism and social change in the Republic of Ireland. Manchester University Press.