Project Name ACH New Outlet Project Project Number
Project Team The Project Manager and the team Prioritization High
Owner(s) Sam Ryder & Gloria Ryder Start Date:
Scheduled Completion Date:
4th July 2020

Mission/ Purpose The project aims at venturing into a new market. ACH’s primary purpose is to be the best choice for every resident when it comes to the best coffee. ACH will not only serve the residents of Milwaukee, WI, the tourists who visit the nearby museum. ACH is famous for its sweet coffee and low fat donuts, among other healthy foods; therefore, it looks forward to winning the local customers with its new products in the market. Among the Vision of ACH is to open stores to all US cities, and thus, for a start opening, one outside home town of Chicago will set a good base for the company. The project will also incorporate the elements of maximizing profits of the new business, create a business clientele, and have competent employees who will help in improving customer satisfaction.
SOW: Description of the project and project product This project will bring about a new store of ACH in a new city outside the home city of Chicago. ACH intends to provide the latest market with the best brands of coffee, donuts with low-fat levels, and quality food products. ACH has been successful in Chicago, and that is the reason why it is reputed as having the best foodstuff for its customers. The services of ACH will put into focus the different ethnic foundations that reside in the Milwaukee area.
The company expects to realize revenues amounting to $125,000 within its first three years of operation. This will enable ACH to maintain a gross edge of 70%; through this income, the company intends to open the other ten outlets with the same monetary budget. The following are the five high-level deliverables for the project.
Expansion Plan for ACH Store
This will contain the useful techniques used in setting up the store that will later be used in setting up the other ten stores.
Project management plan
This will hold the industry practices, systems, and standards in project management that assisted in ensuring the venture is successful.
The baseline for procurement of ACH
ACH team will set up acquisition contracts, vehicles, and task orders to choose a group of workers on a contract basis who showed good work when working it this venture.
Project team performance appraisal
The performance appraisal will show the individual performance of the staff members in the project.
Baseline schedule
This will record the period of all activities in the project.

Objectives The most crucial objective of ACH is to boost sales in the initial three years to be more than $125,000 and maintain a gross edge of 70%. The goal is to make ACH be the most preferred coffee house in the city.
Business Need The business need is to grow the client base of ACH and grow the business capacity, income, and the size of the business in the new city of Milwaukee. This will form a foundation for the plans to open up the other ten stores.
Milestones The final results of the project are to achieve the general objective of ACH market expansion but to attain this, and some milestones have to be accomplished.
Budget Estimated Labor charges $200,000
Estimated cost of Materials $90,000
Estimated cost of Contractors $180,000
The estimated cost of Equipment and Facilities $175,00
Estimated Travel expenses $5,000
Total Estimated Cost $650,000
The company has allocated a sum of $650,000, which is to be used to fund the project to its completion.

User Acceptance Criteria The new store for Amazing Coffee Houses should be functional, available to the users, and prepared to be utilized. Licenses will be endorsed, while utilities will be operational. Clients will fill questionnaires to measure the quality of the new project.

High-Level Project Assumptions Strategic Assumptions:
• Clients require excellent tasting coffee
• ACH will offer more exclusive services to its clients as compared its clients
• Customers consider coffee drinks to be economical
• Consumers love conducive environments when taking coffee
• The worldwide occasions will not influence the coffee houses
• The project will follow all regulations laid down by the food regulation authorities.

High-Level Project Constraints Time is an essential aspect of any project; there in this project time poses as a significant limitation to the prosperity of the project; therefore, it is crucial to ensure all deliverables are accomplished within the scheduled timeline.

Exclusions and Boundaries
The limiting factors in this project are the renewal of the obtained operational space and the development of a new ACH store in Milwaukee. The following things would be excluded:
• Real state geographical research
• ACH IT integration
• Marketing strategy after initiation
• Distribution strategy after initiation
• Contract approval

Major Risks • The timeline allocated can be changed due to cases such as contactor unavailability.
• Existence of demand for services offered by ACH in Milwaukee
• Denial of operation documents such as business permit and licenses
• Unidentified project requirements
• Climatic changes
• Will customers are willing to pay for services offered
Work Breakdown Structure
Project: ACH New Outlet Project
1.0 Plan for Marketing
• Structural Work
• Site structural works
• Wall and roofing designing
• Sitting arrangements and designing
3.0 Attending to Coffee festivals
5.0 Department of Health
• Site inspection
• Acquisition of License
6.0 furnishing Arrangements
• Market study
• Selection of furniture
5.0 Site planning
• Site development and approval for floor space
• Preparation for graphical plan
• Preparation of construction documents
• Submission of construction paperwork to the government
• Acquisition of construction permit
6.0 Select construction contractor
• Development of scope of work
• Requisition of proposals
• Reviewing submitted letters of proposals
• Selection of contractors
7.0 Creation of manuals for employees
8.0 Understanding with a water supplying company
9.0 joining of the chamber of commerce
10.0 equipment selection from suppliers


Project Core Team • Jerry Lawson
• Sara Jenkins
• Melissa Grant
• Mike Green
• My Name

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (What resources will you need with special expertise?)
• Architect
• Design team
• Branding team
• Construction Team
• Electrician
• IT Technician
• Interior Designer
• Superintendents

Type Name Signature Date
Project Manager Approval

• Jim Young

Customer/Sponsor Approval

• Sam Ryder
• Gloria Ryder