Personnel Handbook for Theme Park USA
At Theme Park USA, value and respect is given to having a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace provided to every volunteer and employee regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, identity or sexual orientation, disability or education and age. Our commitment to an approach which is nondiscriminatory provides equal employment as well as advancement opportunities in every worksite, department and program. Diverse heritages and life experiences are treated with respect and every voice is made sure to be heard and valued.
We share our commitment towards modelling inclusion and diversity for the whole amusement park industry and towards presenting an environment that is inclusive and treats everyone equally.
For an authentic and informed leadership for equality in culture, Theme Park USA aims at:
• Linking equity, inclusion and diversity to our mission and ensuring the well being of the amusement park communities served as well as the staff.
• Recognize and do away with any inequities that exist in our services, programs, systems and policies and ensure there is frequent reporting and updating the progress of the organization (Pappas, Papoutsi, & Drigas, 2018).
• Look into likely existing unconfronted assumptions which get in the way of inclusiveness.
• Champion and offer support to thinking at the board level concerning systemic inequities which affect the work of out firm and the way this can best be addressed.
• Practice transparency, and encourage the same in every interaction (McMaster, 2012).
• Aid in challenging assumptions concerning the presumptions held concerning a desirable leader in our firm, and who is better positioned at providing leadership.
• Lead with respect and tolerance. Every employee is expected to espouse this notion and to show it in their interactions in the workplace and through their daily practices.
• Commit resources and time towards making leadership more diverse in our committees, advisory bodies, staff and board (Healthy Child Manitoba, 2019).
Theme Park USA uses the following action items to ensure inclusion and diversity is promoted in the workplace:
• Creating learning opportunities which are substantive and policies which are formal and transparent by placing more attention on cultural competence.
• Aggregation and generation of qualitative and quantitative research which is related to equity for the purpose of making progress that is measurable and incremental towards making our diversity visible
• Put together a salary range that is in harmony with other public job descriptions.