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Task 1
BBB’s proposal to expand its scale of operation affects the following six stakeholders; drivers, tradespeople, homeowners, administration staff, union representatives, and the council (Benn, O’Leary, & Abratt, 2016). The expansion of operations will affect drivers by increasing their rate of work, which would require that Ben adds more drivers. There will be more tradespeople hiring large skip bins because of the increased scale of operation of the business. Homeowners will be affected as there will be more noise generated by the loading of bins early in the morning. The administration staff will be more concerned about extra environmental effects, such as the chemical runoff, that will result from the expansion. The union representatives will become more interested in Ben’s business as more drivers, who will be part of the union, may seek to work with him. The council will be affected by the need to clear nearby land and issue a permit for BBB’s expansion.
The drivers and the tradespeople will expect more work, which means that they will need wage raises. The homeowners will expect that BBB restricts its trucks from being in a residential environment for the sake of less noise. Union representatives will expect that Ben provides good working conditions to the drivers, and the council will expect that Ben acquires and uses the land issued while protecting the environment. The influence which drivers and tradespeople have possessing information about potential customers. Homeowners will have an influence on the sales volume of the firm’s bins, the union representatives will influence the amount of wages paid to drivers, and the administration staff will influence the firm’s daily operations. The council will influence the amount of land which will be allocated to BBB.
Task 2
The most important stakeholders for BBB’s proposal are homeowners, drivers, the council, and administration staff. From engaging with homeowners, BBB looks to achieve their consent on agreed times for bin loading so that they can cope with the noise for those times. By engaging with drivers, BBB will achieve increased motivation to work according to the expansion. By engaging with the council, BBB will achieve permit to acquire land they desire that will suit their business expansion. By engaging with the administration staff, BBB will achieve better environment conservation and protection measures as a way of avoiding chemical runoff into the adjacent stream.
The appropriate way BBB could undertake the engagement would be through a face-to-face meeting with every stakeholder representative, where key matters would be discussed before reaching to an agreement concerning the expansion.
The information which BBB would disclose would include working conditions, working hours, time of bin loading, and the potential effects to a nearby stream due to routine truck cleaning. (Tong & George, 2016)
BBB would communicate the outcome of the engagement by means of an official external memo and circulars presented to notice boards in respective stakeholders’ offices.
Task 3
Some of Ben’s professional or ethical behavior will affect the way BB treats stakeholders. For example, some of the positive behavior are that he organizes staff events of a regular basis, and he promotes truck cleaning to be carried out. Some of the negative behaviors are that he continues operating despite homeowners complaints about noise generated, and he fails to believe that females are suitable to work for BBB.
Task 4
There are ongoing stakeholder activities which BBB should prioritize. First, BBB should prioritize corporate social responsibility, which requires that the firm remains conscious about the social effects it causes to its neighbors, such as noise caused to the homeowners, and takes responsibility to control them (Tong & George, 2016). Second, BB should prioritize community building, which means that involves taking effort to create a positive image of the firm by encouraging people to increase their hygiene and use bins for garbage collection. Third, BBB should prioritize environmental protection, so as to avoid letting chemical runoff to the nearby stream.
To undertake corporate social responsibility, BBB should asses the social needs of its operating environment and hire specialists who would recommend the best ways engage in the practice. To undertake community building, Ben needs to head to the field, and interact with homeowners of different social statuses and encourage them to partake in responsible garbage collection. To undertake environmental protection, BBB needs to analyze its effects towards the environment and set up measures to minimize and halt pollution effects caused.


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