Judicial Systems In the United States

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9th May 2021
Reform in the Criminal Justice of the US
The current American criminal justice system has continued to give rise to various complications and gaps in the judicial system and this has left a big space for scrutiny due to the arising issues. Therefore, there is need for new reforms which will ensure the efficiency and reliability of the judicial system and all American citizens can get justice all the time regardless of any factor as it has been witnessed in the recent year. To achieve this, the following types of laws need to be passed;
Criminal law; The majority of challenges, dissatisfactions and key issues in the criminal justice system arise from the several gaps in the criminal law. This type of law is responsible for identifying the criminals, pursuing them and finally charging them according to their crimes and making sure that these criminals are punished in a fair and a deserving manner.
International law; This type of law deals in the conflicts which may arise between the citizens of the United States and citizens of other countries and nations and is mainly aimed at improving the diplomatic relationships between the United States and other states.
Family Law; Conflicts arising from different family set ups like marriage, inheritance and misuse of human rights have been on the rise and this has given the judicial system a challenge.
Commercial Law; Businesses and trades are very prone to conflicts which need the intervention of courts and a smooth judicial process to be resolved. Proper and well structured laws need to be put in place so as to provide a conducive and favorable environment for commercial activities in the United States.

Labor Laws; In most cases, conflicts arise between employers and their workers due to disagreements on salaries, rights, contracts and other factors. Cases from this field normally escalate to the levels of filing court cases and there is need to pass laws which protect United States’ citizens from exploitative employers. These employers also need to be saved from cunning workers who end up duping them and provide low quality services.

The sentencing guidelines of the judiciary will be revised through the following measures;
Early detection of criminal activities; A new department comprising of well trained criminal detectives will be created to take in charge of a new process of detecting planned criminal activities and arresting the masterminds early before launching their activities. This will boost the judiciary and the nation from getting rid of real criminal activities which usually cause more harm by deaths and losses. More funds and time are usually needed to investigate crimes and this will be reduced. People with past criminal records will also be monitored closely to block them from engaging in other criminal activities.
Providing well structured rights for suspects and victims; Both the suspect and the victim in any case should be given equal opportunities to defend and present their cases in a fair and clear manner with the judicial system taking a neutral position. Each side should have the chance to present their witnesses and have access to lawyers. All rulings in all cases will only be made after thorough and complete investigations and all facts tabled during the process.
Solution for hardcore criminals; This is aimed at minimizing the increase of criminal activities and at the same time safeguarding the society from the dangerous effects of this type of people. This can be achieved by issuing out the number of maximum times a person can be presented in the court of law before being declared a hardcore criminal and the punishment for this level. For instance, hardcore criminals could be given life imprisonment, death sentence or deported back to his or home country if the person is not a citizen of the United States.
Proper charges for underage offenders; In most cases minors who are suspected to have taken part in breaking the law go through a simple judicial process compared to adults. This should be revised and all offenders be subjected to the same and proper court processes, punishments and rehabilitation process according to the nature of their cases. This will save the youthful generation from engaging in unlawful practices due to the perceived simple process and sympathy by the judiciary. It will also ensure that these bad behaviors are corrected at a tender age by preventing them from graduating to hardcore criminals and generally protecting the entire community.

Introducing prison reforms; Prisons play a major role in the judiciary and the rehabilitation of law offenders. The success of criminal justice system is only achieved through an efficient prison system where a law offender is only released with a surety of a changed and a law abiding citizen. This is achieved by increasing through increasing the number of prisons and their capacities, providing adequate personnel and financial needs and coming up with a more effective curriculum for prisoners

The laws involving controlled substances in the US such as cocaine, morphine, methadone, heroin, Lysergic acid diethylamide and many others need a deeper scrutiny since the abuse of the majority of these dangerous drugs is now posing a serious threat on the future of the state. I recommend that the laws governing the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution and dispose of all substances constitutionally recognized as controlled substances be updated. This will be achieved by forming a new commission made up of experts to review the existing laws on these substances. This commission will come with new laws including detailed consequences on any person found guilty of going against these laws within the boundaries of the Unites States of America.

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