ESSAY WRITING CLUB Plagiarized Essays Impacts of Political instability on International business in East Africa.

Impacts of Political instability on International business in East Africa.

The study is focusing on the impacts of political stability on international business in East Africa. The study cites some of the adverse consequences that have befallen East Africa’s international business prosperity as a result of political instability. The main political instability determinants that this study focused on include: Regime type and durability, horizontal inequalities, demographic pressure, and structural imbalances. The study shows how political instability leads to a reduction in international business activities within the East African region. The study mainly concentrates on the countries within East Africa and the international business activities therein.
The findings from this study will help unearth some of the drivers of political turmoil in East Africa and how they have increased the frequency of political instability within the East African nations thereby negatively impacting on international business activities.
The study implemented a desk research design. From the study, the researcher suggests that East African nations must relook at these drivers of political instability and find corrective mechanisms to enable the smooth running of international businesses within the region. Some of the benefits that accrue to international business when there is political stability include business certainty, prosperity, increased investment and returns, and et cetera.

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