Yes I agree that I can face many problems while searching for proper house ownership options .Financial inadequacy is the main problem that major contributes towards this. As a student, we majorly use our funds for the wellbeing at school. We also need to fund part of our academics such as research and industrial attachments. This means that we lack surplus funds to put in the sector of homeownership.
On the issue of career engagement, people ought to be more focused with their careers and assume their roles as early as possible. This makes it easy for individuals to buy houses and also invest on housing and acquisition of personal residential. The median salary that can be paid to a graduate is between $40,000 and $50,000 per year respectively. With this rate it is impossible to save an amount that will be able to own a decent house, since a decent house will cost probably $300,000.
The parents can create savings account for their children at their younger ages. This can help a lot in avoiding the possibility of a financial crisis in their later lives. Also adequate knowledge can be acquired from the internet on the topic of homeownership for millennia’s .This can greatly help us in making proper house ownership planning and decision making.
Yes i agree , Many lender institutions use the credit score while giving out loans which can be used in the purchasing of our homes.This is however a problem as many students spend less and thus get a low credit score. This makes it hard for us to get funding for home ownership ventures.


What do you think?

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