Subject: Request to set our own hours
The purpose of this memo is to make a request to the childcare center/daycare Director/ District Director, for employees to set their own hours of work and reading. This is because, it will ensure that everyone manages their time effectively and to be able to engage in work at their convenience while maintaining high levels of retention of information and productivity respectively.
This request is made with great consideration to not only the welfare of the childcare center. For overall growth to occur in the daycare, employees need to acquire more knowledge on how to take care of children, and new ways of running the daycare. The childcare center needs to retain its structure and productivity even while employees are selecting their own hours of work. This request for own hours of work considers the daycare’s need to retain valuable staff. The District Director is a valuable staff as this role is central to many operations in the daycare. Additionally, by allowing the District Director to set their own hours of work, the company as well as every other employee stands to gain.
The daycare has been successful and operational for a long time mainly because of the high value it gives its employees and their needs. Furthermore, the company’s well-being is greatly valued and the wellbeing of the familied to which care is provides for are valued too. By allowing the employees to set their own work hours, the general value of the company will increase, as the employees will work under better guidance, at their comfort, and families will develop more trust to the methods of taking care of children that will be adopted as a result.
It is acknowledged that with this request being made, the daycare could be hesitant since flexible schedules will result in different teachers being present in one room. This incidence can be a disadvantage to parents who are used to having a particular teacher with their children. The setting of individual hours for work will mean that some staff will be away when they are normally required to be present at work. What will remain beneficial to the parents since they will be amused by the reduced rates of employee turnover, absenteeism, and lateness. Flexibility may have its disadvantages in the short-term, but in the long-term, there will be more advantages. Employee’s perceptions of their work, work environment, parents and children will heighten, and the nature of interactions among staff will improve. The overall attitudes will change because, the outcome of selecting own hours will aid in doing away will the old standards of work and allow new and better ways to be adopted.
Following the close analysis of the impact that setting own hours of work will have in both the employees and the families involved, there needs to be a selected number of days isolated to a selected group of employees to pick the hours of their work. To elaborate, one department can be accorded a certain number of days when employees will work at their own preferred hours. This should be done in a systematic fashion so as to avoid latency and absenteeism, and to ensure that the daily activities of the daycare are done accordingly.


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