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The biggest legacy of Jim Crow according to those who lived it
Jim Crow gained popularity in the late 1800s. This was after the abolition of slavery when the African Americans were fighting for their civil rights. Jim Crow’s laws comprised of several laws that advocated for lynching and other forms of torture towards the black man. It was normal for Negros to get hanged and killed by mobs of white people with the permission of justice system. The legacy of Jim Crow is known for the many unfair laws that subdivided whites and blacks in southern America.
Jim Crow is an expression used in describing all the laws and customs that were set 1865-1877 to segregate the black people. The customs were made to separate African Americans and prevent them from socializing with the white folks (Alexander 2020: 11). The legacy of Jim Crow lies on; taking away the African American’s vote, asking for the poll tax, and the use of advertising cards that resulted in more suffering for the African Americans.
The laws of Jim Crow took away African Americans’ power to vote. It suggested that it was not the legal right of African Americans to select political leaders. This was ensured through the use of elaborate registration processes that locked the African Americans out. This was then followed by a whites-only democratic party that excluded them totally from the process of voting.
During the Jim Crow reign, poll tax receipts were introduced. To get the receipt, voters had to pay for it. This was a huge disadvantage as many African Americans were poor and thus they could not afford to pay. Other than blacks, this was a huge challenge for the poor whites as well.
Insulting advertising cards were a common occurrence during Jim Crow’s era. The cards would show pictures of stereotype African Americans which worsened the discrimination they faced(Haley 2016: 16). These cards would be scattered along the streets as this was legal during Jim Crow’s laws.
The legacy of Jim Crow revolves around discrimination and segregation of African Americans. They are laws that facilitated the seclusion of the blacks by denying them their civil rights. The African Americans were charged to vote, and also denied the right to do so at times.

Response to Dilon
Hi, Dilon, Jim Crow is known for causing the deaths of many innocent African Americans. These laws advocated for rape, torture, and the public killing of all black people. Although more than 90% of the murdered victims were innocent, the newspapers praised these wrongdoings and murder rates accelerated. This is still happening in some parts of the country. People who effuse to progress and move past the Jim Crow era, still treat black people like slaves.
Response to Hanna
Hi, Hanna, At the time of Jim Crow all crimes were pinned on African Americans and the law was swift to carry out unfair sentencing. Whenever this failed, the Negros were left in the hands of ruthless mobs that killed them without mercy. A fear for the black man was spread around making the whites treat them with hate. Some people still view the African Americans as a threat to them up to date. We see it whenever the police harass young black men accusing them of being gang members.


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