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global health council

• The Global Health Council (GHC), formerly the International Health National Committee, is a non-profit membership organization in the United States. It was established in 1972 to determine the priorities of world health issues and report to the American public, legislators, international and international communities.
• I picked the organization on the grounds that GHC is the world’s biggest healthcare partnership committed to saving lives by improving their wellbeing all through the world, and they attempt to guarantee that all their work makes progress toward global health care of every human being.
• At the Global Health Council, they believe that everybody is created in the picture of God. This is a blessing that we people share; the Creator interminably adores us all. Despite religion, culture, nationality, or monetary status, there is a God for everybody. Every one of us is exceptional and excellent. At the Global Health Council, they accept that regular interests imply that the fruits of the earth have a place with everybody.
The Organisation
• Working in partnership with the government offices, scholar organizations and the worldwide health community. GHC is the world’s biggest alliance, that is focused on saving lives by improving the health of human beings around the world. The Council is focused on guaranteeing that every human being is healthy and they have access to healthy wellbeing data and information resources that guide them to live a healthy life.
• GHC envisions a world in which fair, inclusive and sustainable investments, policies and services ensure the health of all. The GHC works on behalf of its members with the U.S. government and other global agencies to influence global health policies and resource allocation decisions.
• Global health council Includes everyone, especially underserved people, notably women and children.
• In addition to deploying medical staff to other environments, the global health council provides social care and social service to healthy personnel in the medical care industry.
• They have put up measures to prevent the diseases from spreading among the most vulnerable populations and public health workers and to reduce the burden on the health system from future emergencies including a potential second wave of pandemics.
• This organization has been of great importance to the health problems encountered by these countries. In this manner health issues such as, women/child health problems, HIV, AIDS, and infectious diseases, have been improved and promoted globally.
• Promoting the coordination of health and social care are some of the roles played by the global health council. They do this by will providing resources for social care institutions to provide comprehensive hospital-related care and social support in a public health emergency. For example, the deployment of health workers in social service facilities includes services for the elderly and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, children’s homes, homeless shelters, and treatment communities. The global health council strengthens these facilities through robust testing, protective equipment, and individual prevention and care guidelines for any health crisis.
• As a health worker, I will focus on formulating community selection, training, motivation and support strategies, especially encouraging healthy practices in every family in the community.
• Provide health promotion, consultation and education
• Manage medications and other personalized interventions
• Cooperate with many health care professionals to coordinate care
• As a health worker I will Develop, plan, and advance exploration activities that have wide based essentialness, advance evidence based teaching practices, that will be the helpful to come up with critical decisions making at institutional and national levels, and serve to change nursing industry.
• Investing in adapting and enhancing home care services will certainly help provide more comprehensive care to those in need. This will involve at least three main actions. First of all, pay attention to those with high family support and dependence in terms of providing and preparing meals, dispensing medicine, changing posture, or personal hygiene needs. Second, shopping for the elderly or the disabled to minimize their risk of infection or injury. Third, strengthen contact with the elderly through telephone and remote care to ensure the safety of the elderly at home.

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