Film Analysis

Film Analysis
At the core of the films “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “All the President’s Men” is the media. In both films, the media is portrayed as a liberator, as the institution which will free the public or certain figures from oppression. In the film “Good Night, and Good Luck,” the media makes a review on the case of Milo Radulovich, who was tried and convicted of having communist ties, in the absence of evidence. Also, as the film begins, Ed Murrow urges the media to get more in touch with reality by being more informational and educational. This is perhaps the reason why Ed was eager to run the piece on the Radulovich case while Fred and a third man are hesitant at first before falling in with Ed. In the film “All the President’s Men,” the media serves as a liberator by efforts being made to shed reality behind those involved in the Watergate break in. Harry Rosenfield and Howard Simons work to investigate the burglars, to find out that they are part of a private council, and even ties to the white house.
Based on these two movies, the media plays the role of an investigator, such that it proceeds to seek information concerning matters of public interest which are given less attention or being hidden completely. By doing so, the media wants to direct attention to the specific cases, such as the Radulovich’s case in the first film and the Watergate burglary in the second film. Both films send a similar message that the media needs to concentrate on keeping the public in touch with reality as it exists, otherwise, failure to do so will result in the prevail of injustice and oppression. The media needs to refrain from being a mere distributor of entertainment which serves as a partial distraction from reality. This message is realistic in the sense that, there are many evils which happen in society and it is the job of the media to bring them to light so that the public can remain aware and assert the standards of morality (Croteau and Hoynes). Otherwise, people would end up losing their jobs due to being falsely accused and high-ranking personnel in society will keep getting away with crime.

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