Ecological approach

Ecosystems approach
Description of the ecological system’s theory
The term Ecosystems, as we may assume, is acquired from a biological word; it generally refers to the typical arena of association in both the living and non-living organisms. That interacts in one way or another, forming a system, even one that is virtual to them all. It is through nutrient cycles that the biological components are linked. Due to the rising concern, however, for the differentiated meanings of the same, the study of ecosystems has generally seen scholars in the years have a different emphasis on differentiated aspects in an ecosystem.
Looking to it in the ecological sense, where it now channels to form the community of the biotic and abiotic, that is living and nonliving, and respectively, ecological systems include the combination action of humans and social sciences. From this point, we narrow down ecological systems to more dynamic fields, including; Microsystems, which is more human-related. Second, we have the Mesosystem, where we have room for workings of microsystems. Exosystem follows that dives more into human behavior, and finally, Macrosystem, which focuses more on childhood growth (Codling and Barthel., 2019).
Microsystems is a theory in ecological systems, basis its foundation on the coexistence of the biotic and abiotic components. Microsystems are classified in the course of an individual that helps them find much of their association with families, schooling life, neighboring community, or even work relations. Mesosystem, on the other hand, its example could feature on the workings of different microsystems. Say, for example, the difference between home and schooling life. In an exosystem, the individual has no control over happenings revolving around them, but they still affect them anyway. Parent’s losing their jobs, for example. Finally, we have Macrosystem, which encompasses the environment from which the child gets brought up. Say, for instance, in a particular religion (Jacobided 2018).
Amongst common and significant challenges fronting humanity in the current world is the urge to answer the ever-growing and demanding questions on the existence of nature. The utilization of nature, and to some extent, saving it from extinction. It is by nature, natural resources surrounding it that have kept humanity breathing to date. Any changes in nature’s way of existence utter ways of human existence as well. From deforestation to rural-urban migration and industrialization that effects global warming and overcrowding in major cities.
To begin with, Mesosystem, as an ecological theory, refers to the platform within which different microsystems necessary for the development of an individual interacts. By clear understanding of the mesosystem as a theory, parents are in a better position to monitor the growth behaviors adopted by their children. Here we talk about the different kinds of friend’s children will choose, say, for example, may impact their academic participation significantly. It is, however, not easy to dictate every bit of a child’s lifestyle, and some shortcomings of that could indicate flaws evident within the mesosystem (Frey, 2018).
Weaknesses and the strengths of the theory
In looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem theory narrowing to Macrosystem, here, here a child growing within a particular environment that is with differentiated political status and social-economic aspects; the macrosystems has in place laid down procedurals to monitor the success story of the child’s lifeline. In the case of child abuse say, for example, different states and nations have laid down rules curbing that and in defense for the child promoting their social benefit and well-being (Aldridge, 2019).
How the theory explains the moonlight movies characters
As the ecological system of the theory involves the context and quality of a child’s surroundings, it can be used to describe the character’s attitudes and behaviors in the movie the moonlight. In theory, the microsystem is the system nearby to an individual and the one in which they have straight interaction. In the movie, little (who is a nine-year-old staying in Miami) is frequently teased and harassed by tyrants. His academic purpose, attitude, and friendship life are affected by this bullying. It makes him hate staying home with his family and goes to his friend’s house, Teresa and Juan, to stay with them. The habit may lead to his teachers meeting with his parents to discuss Little’s behavior at school. (Jacobides, 2018)
The mesosystem level is where an individual interacts with different parts of the microsystem. In this system, the microsystems are dependent on each other; the interactions affect an individual indirectly. Juan’s microsystem revolves around Little. Juan noticed the bullying Little was going through and took him in for shelter and support. It has a positive impact on Little’s life academically and socially. It is because he no longer has to deal with the bullying again, and also, he is away from hid mother, which gives him more comfort. Juan becomes like a father to Little, and even Juan’s girlfriend appreciates him a lot and treats him like a son. Hence, little find comforts and happiness in his mesosystem. (Frey, 2018)
Macrosystem is the surrounding of childlike the religion, socioeconomic level, political situations, and education. For Kevin, his Macrosystem is Chiron, whom they grew together with from a young age. Their relationship continued to grow even when they were in high school. However, the two broke up when Kevin fought Chiron, though he was being forced to do it by the bullies; it was unintentional. It angers Chiron, causing him to cut the romantic relationship between them. Chiron felt so lonely and regretted having ever been a friend to Kevin. For Kevin, it tremendously affected her in that she was taken to prison, which ruined her life. Although Kevin’s actions were not intentional, they affected her and also Chiron. (Aldridge, 2019)
In the exosystem, an individual has no control over, but its influence affects him/her. Chiron’s ecosystem revolves around his mother, Paula. At first, Paula was a hardworking, kind mother. She always made Chiron feel comfortable and loved until she gets involved in abusing hard drugs. Paula becomes so abusive to an extend that Chiron can’t bear with it anymore. Hence, Chiron departs from home and seeks refuge from Juan (a crack dealer in Miami), where he is welcomed warmly and loved. Later, Paula overcomes drug addiction and begins to look for Chiron to ask for forgiveness. Chiron did not have anything to do with his mother becoming a drug addict, yet it greatly affected his life. (Jacobides, 2018)
Summary of the overall theory analysis
The ecological systems are beneficial in explaining the attitude and behavior of the movie characters. They the concept of how characters in the movie should have or should not have done while explaining the outcomes in each situation. For the microsystem, it describes the interaction between Little and his immediate environment. It helps to understand the impacts of the hostile surrounding. Mesosystems demonstrates the interaction between one microsystem and the others. It brings the concept of interdependence among the microsystems Little dependent on Juan for shelter when his home had become so hostile for him to stay. It is a significant type of ecological system because, without dependency, there is no survival.
Besides, macrosystems play a crucial role in bringing the relationship concept of an individual with his/her surrounding. It is evident where Chiron had a romantic relationship with Kevin, which continued until the time they were in high school together. The relationship with individual surroundings affects his/her life. Ideally, ecosystems explain what an individual can or cannot control within his environment. Even though Chiron didn’t have any impact on his mother’s behavior, it greatly affected him. The concept of Chiron and his mother brings about the negative effects of unethical relationships in the ecological systems.
The ecological and systems theory serves a significant role in our daily life. It is evident clearly from the movie of the moonlight how characters interact, the impacts on one another, and the way each one struggle to fit in into the society. Although it has weaknesses, for example, a child growing within a particular environment that is with differentiated political status and social-economic aspects; the macrosystems has in place laid down procedurals to monitor the success story of the child’s lifeline. Thus, ecological and system theory is applicable in different situation every day.


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