Goals and Values of Disability Management Syatems

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Disability management systems ensure the following goals.
Early support and intervention: This will ensure injured workers are diagnosed and begin treatment earlier thus quick recoveries.
To reduce disruptions and loss of time due to inconveniencies. By ensuring they enjoy a smooth working environment.
To improve accountability and coordination in relation to providers of services externally. Organizations are able to develop plans and structures to enhance working environments.
To ensure the organizations comply with employer equity and reintegration which are requirements for registration (Shrey, D. E. 2011).
Four main values of disability management systems include:
Resourcefulness. It proves to be an important part within the organization and it ensures standards are met.
Leadership. It ensures that disabled individuals enjoy promotion to senior management posts if well deserved.
Commitment and creativity. It offer professional guidance on disability support systems to be implemented
Motivation. They ensure members to work hard with the aim of ensuring organization’s goals are met.

Shrey, D. E. (2011). Disability Management at the Workplace: Overview and future trends. Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety, International Labor Organization, Geneva. ‌


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