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Eveline by James Joyce
Some of the factors that drove Eveline to want to leave her family included her relationship with her father, her job at the Stores, and Eveline’s overall inability to live a normal life under these circumstances. Eveline was afraid of sacrificing everything and leaving her comfort zone. Eveline was contrasting her choices and love life with her mother’s experience with affection, and she resolved on her final decision with dread, choosing not to go with the person who made her feel energized, ” Frank would save her.” Eveline’s memories of her mother’s death impact her in one direction and then the other: she would rather not live a life of exploitation; she owes an obligation to fulfill her mother’s final wish.
The storyteller does not buy anything for Mangan’s sister because all of the stores were closed but one was opened. Despite the fact that the boy eventually makes it to the marketplace, he arrives after the scheduled time to buy Mangan’s sister a good present, and hence he should have stayed at home. When addressing Mangan’s sister to give her an endowment of “Araby,” she inquires as if she needed to go to a retreat. The narrator predicted that Araby will be brimming with allure and magnificence.

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