Disaster Public Information and Warning (Public Service Announcement)

Create a plan for a disaster-related public service announcement (PSA), designed as a Public Information and Warning campaign, for a specific population and threat condition. Identify all the critical factors (Who, What, Where, When, How, Why), and how you would plan for delivery to the entire population you have targeted (the “Who”). Create a cover letter describing this campaign to a potential funding provider. Then, please create a cover letter for this purpose.

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A useful reference for the PSA :http://www.centerdigitaled.com/artsandhumanities/How-to-Create-the-Perfect-Public-Service-Announcement.html (Links to an external site.)


Cover Letter
Student’s Name

Sender’s Address
Receiver’s Address
RE: COVID-19 and Vulnerable Population in Wilmington, Delaware Campaign
The campaign will run for the next three months and will focus on providing information on Covid-19 and the protective measures that people can take. It will focus on older people living in poverty, the Functional Access Needs population, people belonging to certain religious affiliations, and those living with limitations and require assistance. These individuals are at a greater risk of contracting the disease. They are also at a greater risk of their condition becoming severe if they contract the coronavirus.
The campaign will be done via social media, mobile campaign, T.V. and radio. Through social media, the organization will run a sponsored ad campaign on Facebook. Sponsoring an ad on Facebook will ensure that it reaches more people. Facebook has the highest number of users compared to other social media pages which makes it the best site to use. The organization will also run an add on T.V. The ad will demonstrate how these individuals can incorporate safety standards to their daily routine despite their situation. T.V. sets are easily accessible to the entire population, which means that even those who are not on Facebook will view the ad.
Other than the T.V., the campaign will place an ad on the radio. Finally, the mobile campaign will also get used. Statistics show that 91% of adults aged 65 years and older own a cell phone; this means that a large number of older people can best be reached through mobile campaign. Almost all the people in the United States own phones which makes mobile campaign effective. When carrying out this campaign, the organization will collect phone numbers of these vulnerable populations and send them texts containing the message being passed across during the campaign. Finally, the campaign will also involve gifting free face masks to these individuals.
I hope you consider my request. If you have any question, feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely