Technology of Mobile Phones in the Fight Against Diabetes Type II
The different types of diabetes have different modes of treatment. Some diabetes forms do not occur due to the lifestyle or even the food styles of a person but rather occur from birth. This someone can be affected with the diseases from his or her birth. According to the research, the total number of people with diabetes who are over 18 years are estimated to be over 30 million which makes about 27% of the population. There are various types of diabetes. Type 1, type 2 and the gestational diabetes. Type I occurs when the body fails to produce insulin. Type two affects how the body is using insulin and the third type, gestational occurs to mainly women during pregnancy. This is because their bodies become less sensitive to insulin.
Stetler Model will be used to analyze the diseases, it has various stages: preparation, validation, comparative evaluation and decision making, translation and application, and evaluation. These steps of the settler model will be used to evaluate and get the basic knowledge of diabetes and make plans on its recovery plans to its victims.it will also give the evaluation phase and the results about the diagnosis.
Preparation phase
Diabetes type 2 has various effects on the lives of people. This can be both direct and indirect. Direct to mean that the infection can cause a lot of harm to the body of an individual and even cause death to the diagnosed person. Indirect effect comes when the person has dependents, due to this, his or her dependents suffer because they cannot get the required resources. This fastens the rate at which possible ways to control the infection should be found. The disease also requires a lot of income to take care of it. About $327 billion was used for this disease in 2017, this brought a rise of around 200 billion dollars from 2012 whereby according to International Diabetes Federation, this diabetes accounts for 90% of the diabetes. This means that this type of diabetes is the most common among all the types. this is because it is mainly caused by the lifestyle of people.
Validation phase
Practical changes of the diseases are necessary to give a full proof on its existence. A review is appropriate. Several searches have been done on the existing works about health. Among the sites researched on are CINAHL which gave several ways through which the infection can be managed. Personal care and managing of elf are some of the precautions that have been advised. Other ways were also used for example reading and getting information from the health journals about the infection. This were then summarized with screens to identify the validity of the articles. This became more specific because the screening gave the first-hand information about the infection (Haddad et al., 2014).
Comparative Evaluation/Decision Making phase
Several sites have the facts about the infection that people with this type of diabetes require rational and extensive use of prescribed medicine form the physician. For a normal person without diabetes, the range of hemoglobin A1c test should range between 4 to 5.6 percent. This applies that you have a higher chance of getting diabetes if yours is below 4 or above 5.6 percent (American Diabetes Association, 2017). This test is useful in making sure that blood sugar control is enhanced. HbA1c test will be applied. This will test the blood sugar level. this test also tells the average level of blood sugar in the past two or three months. People who have been diagnosed with this type of diabetes will be required to check occasionally to see if their rates are staying within the required range, if not control measures are taken. Glucose in the red blood cells build up and the result is that the red cells in the blood are bounded. This test hence measures how much of the glucose causes this action to the red blood c ells. This method hence was used to obtain results about this diabetes, which is also mainly caused by the lifestyle of a person.
Studies done have indicated that the country with the highest number of diabetes type 2 is California with over 2.3 million. The purpose of this research is to assist the affected individuals with the appropriate ways through which they can control the disease, the most appropriate way is use of technology. Mobile diabetes is seen to be the most appropriate way to solve the disease, this is because a lot of people can be accessed and proper medication be taking. The parties are taught how to use their mobile phone in handling the situation of their situations and the children. Due to the fall of HbA1c by 1.9 percent, mobile control has been seen to be the most effective way for management of diabetes (Hunt, 2015).
Our scope of the study is San Bernardino county within a clinic health environment. This geographical region has been choosing because of the illiteracy and the racial minority. The habitats of this place are also low-income earners who are prone to low health records. Other factors that are in this region are poor food consumption and alcohol drug abuse. The patients will be accessed at the free local health facility whereby screening will be done and basic treatment done. The health patients will be used to get more information about the patients and to direct us to the relevant patients.
The people to benefit from this program are the patients who have ben diagnosed with diabetes level two, their families will also benefit because they will be taught various ways through which they will handle their patients with the mobile technology. This place has low income residents, due to this, the mobile technology will save them cash of treating the patients. The data that will be used will be gathered through interviews and observations. Interviews are most efficient because of the illiteracy of the people in the region. This will be a program that will require funding, hence extra cash will be obtained from the health NGOs and well-wishers. Problem of communication will be handled by employing of translators.
Evaluation of the practical change is measured by the change in hemoglobin A1c. This is because a hemoglobin A1c test shows sugar levels for the patient in the past three months. Therefore, this is a vital pointer of self-management (Medline, 2018). The hemoglobin test illustrates if the patient was constantly checking their blood sugar levels and whether he or she was sticking to a healthy diet and occasional exercises. A hemoglobin test is conducted to record a 10% reduction of the patient’s test outcomes in a course of a year. The test will be conducted tri-annually to track the progress of the patient’s blood sugar levels. In case the results show a lapse in improvement, the test will be carried out to find out the reason behind the lack of improvement and establish a step for intervention (Wayne et al., 2015).


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