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Anglepoise Lamp in 1934


Anglepoise Lamp in 1934

Deisgn is a tool that people whoe are employed are using it to make easiel objects. The tool is used in communicating and also showing how an object is in terms of how it appears. The anglepoise lamp is one of the items that was made as a result of design. The lap was made by George. Another item that was made is stool 60. The item was made by Alvar aalto. Through the study of design, the various design works can be visually analyzed and understood . Bt doing this, the analysis can be formal or semiotic. When it is formal, a person will look at the object looks like appearance and the material that was used to make the item. In semiotic is used to sho how the the image of the object is shown by how it was designed.
Formal Analysis
The Anglepoise lamp is an item that was created many years ago. it was created in Britain. The lamp was made by George Carwardine. At that time George Carwardine was used to do online jobs. Some of the online jobs that he used to do is designing suspension systems in vehicles. While he was still doing his work of creating suspension systems in vehicles, he made the spring, crank and mechanism . These items became the starting point in creating the lamp. Using this design, George made the Anglepoise lamp 1227. In 1934 he made the lamp know by people. Therefore, nobody was allowed to make the lamp apart from George. By doing so, he was able to ensure that he had positioned the lamp in a good way when it will be released. The lamp was made of four springs, an aluminum shade, chrome-plated fittings, cast iron base with steel cover, and aluminum arms. At first, the lamp was made of black finishing but other finishes like golden were to be used so that it can have many customers.
The way the lamp was made, it was to be used good where people are doing jobs like office, hospitals and theatres. When the lamp was known by many people, the way the lamp was made changed. This was done so that the lamp can also be used in other places. Foe example, it was used by sodiers during the worl war two, by surgeons in theatres, in offices and even domestically. In the beginning, George manufactured the lamps himself at his cardine company. When people stared liking the lamp, he started making the company bigger. Therefore, he entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and sons. In the agreement, Terry and sons manufactured and marketed the lamps while George worked on developing other versions on the lamp and applications of the design mechanism.
Semiotic Analysis
When the lamp was invented, Britain was going through tough times in many sectors. For example, the contry where George was coming from was recovering from the great slump . Therefore, people who had jobs were many. The situation was different because things were expensive. The way the lamp was made, it was a way of encouragement to the people. the way thye lamp was also made, ws used to tell people that they should not lose hope because they will be successful one day.
There is a way the lamp was made. It was made with four springs and it was framed so that it can be used easily, so that it can be strong enough mostly at the bottom . Because people don’t know a lot of things about the lamp, some people say the lamp was made so that it can do what peole do. This includes how people behave and how people look. From the way the lamp looks, it has two straight poles and bends similar to an elbow and a fixture at the top that mimic a wrist. People like the lamp because it is easy to use. People can easily change where the lamp is facing without moving the whole lamp. This is like the human arm. People don’t move the whole arm while doing tasks.
the way things are made makes it easier for people. The lamp has made it possible to come up with products such as anglepoise lamp that was made in the year 1934. The lamp was made by George. The lamp made the life of people easy. The lamp also made George to be respected by the people. The lamp improved how people used to do their work. It also made it easier to start business. I will therefore say that desin is good and should be used in people’s lifes.

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