Write a 2—3 page reflection on developing yourself as a leader.
As part of this reflection, include the following in the first paragraph: identify your leadership style from the quiz you took in class, explain what that leadership style means, and its pros and cons. Then, explain whether you are content with that leadership style, or if you would like to seek another style (i.e. what is your ideal leadership style).
In the following couple of paragraphs, identify a leader who you look up to. This could be a family member, an athlete, a work mentor, or anyone else. Then, explain what this person has taught you about leading. What about their leadership do you admire?
In the next couple of paragraphs, identify what you have in common with this leader. Also, discuss what traits they possess that you would like to add to your ideal leadership style.
Finally, remember that we discussed the growth mindset, which explained that we can always acquire new skills or build weaker ones. In light of this, consider what skills you will need in order to obtain your ideal leadership style. What strategies will you implement to develop those skills?