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continuous and discontinuous function

A continuous function is a function that can be drawn without lifting your pen off the paper while making no sharp changes, an unbroken, smooth curved line. While, a discontinuous function is the opposite of this, where there are holes, jumps, and asymptotes throughout the graph which break the single smooth line.

Gambling Addiction

According to the oxford dictionary, gambling is an activity characterized by a balance between winning and losing that is governed by a mixture of skill and chance, usually with money wagered on the outcome. Gambling means that one is willing to risk something of value to them in the hope of getting something of even greater value. Gambling can affect the brain system just like drugs and alcohol, leading to addiction. If a person is prone to occasional gambling, they may continually place bets, hide their behavior, deplete savings, get involved in huge debts, or even result to theft or fraud to support their gambling addiction. (Davis 89).

Floods in Dungun

Dungun is located in the state of Terengganu in Malaysia. The town is situated on the east coast of the peninsula and is prone to flooding. From the year 2000 to 2019, there have been a total of 20 floods in Dungun, Malaysia. The most damaging flood occurred in 2006, when floods caused an estimated RM1 billion in damage to infrastructure and property. In recent years, the Malaysian government has taken steps to improve flood mitigation and preparedness measures, but the risk of flooding remains high in Dungun due to its location on the coast and its vulnerability to severe weather events. Despite these risks, the town has remained a vital part of the local community, and continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination.

The Magicians book

The Magicians book 1, 2 and 3 are considered part of the contemporary literature genre because they are about a group of young adults who are learning to use their magic in the modern world. The books follow the characters as they go to college, get jobs, and start families. The characters face many challenges, both personal and magical, and the books explore the themes of love, loss, and betrayal. The books have been very popular with readers and have been made into a television series. Lev Grossman is an award-winning author who has written other books in the same genre, including The Magicians trilogy and The Magician’s Land. His work is considered to be part of the current trend in contemporary literature, which emphasizes realism and emotional complexity over traditional fantasy elements. Therefore, the Magicians trilogy should be considered part of this genre. Judging by these factors, it would be appropriate to classify the books as contemporary literature. The essay will address claims why the magician’s book is a contemporary genre, using purpose, audience, claim, counterclaim and logos.

Speech Outline

I. Introduction A) Remote working is increasingly becoming essential in contemporary society. Various organizations, including our company, has adopted the approach to provide employees with flexible work schedule, more work and life balances, and timely delivery of organizational targets. However, the primary challenge facing remote working is the lack of effective collaboration tools for employee engagement. Research indicates that remote working should be backed by reliable collaboration tools that will enhance communication and engagement among the various team members (Halpin & Lockwood, 2019). Therefore, organizations should adopt the most cost-effective, reliable and flexible collaborative tool to facilitate employee engagement and efficient communication among the organization’s team players.


Answer & Explanation Verified Solved by verified expert “The answer in this Problem is Camembert Pierrot, Gorgonzola Telino, Gnocchi di nonna Alice, Chai with Sum of total Discount of 5065 (1577 + 1397 + 1263 + 828 = 5065)” Step-by-step explanation Here are the List of all Product with Sum – Quantity arranged in Descending Order Camembert Pierrot 1577 Raclette Courdavault 1496 Gorgonzola Telino 1397 Gnocchi di nonna Alice 1263 Pavlova 1158 Rhönbräu Klosterbier 1155 Guaraná Fantástica 1125 Boston Crab Meat 1103 Tarte au sucre 1083 Chang 1057 Fløtemysost 1057 Sir Rodney’s Scones 1016 Lakkalikööri 981 Jack’s New England Clam Chowder 981 Alice Mutton 978 Pâté chinois 903 Konbu 891 Manjimup Dried Apples 886 Steeleye Stout 883 Chai 828 Outback Lager 817 Mozzarella di Giovanni 806 Inlagd Sill 805 Scottish Longbreads 799 Chartreuse verte 793 Original Frankfurter grüne Soße 791 Uncle Bob’s Organic Dried Pears 763 Geitost 755 Tourtière 755 Gumbär Gummibärchen 753 Thüringer Rostbratwurst 746 Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce 745 Ikura 742 Wimmers gute Semmelknödel 740 Teatime Chocolate Biscuits 723 Perth Pasties 722 Gudbrandsdalsost 714 Queso Cabrales 706 Singaporean Hokkien Fried Mee 697 Rössle Sauerkraut 640 Côte de Blaye 623 Nord-Ost Matjeshering 612 Sirop d’érable 603 Gula Malacca 601 Ipoh Coffee 580 Tunnbröd 580 Spegesild 548 Carnarvon Tigers 539 Escargots de Bourgogne 534 Maxilaku 520 Røgede sild 508 Sasquatch Ale 506 Filo Mix 500 Zaanse koeken 485 Chef Anton’s Cajun Seasoning 453 Vegie-spread 445 Ravioli Angelo 434 Tofu 404 Northwoods Cranberry Sauce 372 Schoggi Schokolade 365 Gustaf’s Knäckebröd 348 Queso Manchego La Pastora 344 Aniseed Syrup 328 NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme 318 Sir Rodney’s Marmalade 313 Grandma’s Boysenberry Spread 301 Chef Anton’s Gumbo Mix 298 Longlife Tofu297 Mascarpone Fabioli 297 Röd Kaviar 293 Louisiana Hot Spiced Okra 239 Valkoinen suklaa 235 Laughing Lumberjack Lager 184 Chocolade 138 Gravad lax 125 Genen Shouyu 122 Mishi Kobe Niku 95 Total Result 51317

What Is Macroeconomics?

1. What Is Macroeconomics? Microeconomics is the study of the behavior of individual economic agents. Microeconomics asks how individuals allocate their time, income and wealth among various opportunities for labor, leisure, consumption, and savings. Microeconomics also studies the process by which individual firms decide on output levels, possibly prices, and the resources that will be …

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CPMGT 300 WEEK 2 Project Proposal Approval Phase

Resource: Week 3 Individual Assignment instructions Read the Week 3 Individual Assignment instructions. Select an idea for a project that your current or past employer could benefit from for the Week 3 Individual Assignment. Write a 350- to 700-word project proposal summary: Describe the project. Describe the stakeholders and how they will benefit from the project. Include an outline …

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COM 705 WEEK 2 Annotated Bibliography

Resources: Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample An annotated bibliography is a reference list in which each entry is followed by an annotation or description of the source. For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you must: Follow the formatting as outlined in the Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample in the Week Two Materials section of the COM/705 course page. You may …

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