BVEX Company Analysis

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BVEX Company Analysis
This paper will contain the full analysis from the calculations obtained by the CEO running the BVEX Company. It will also in deep explain and show the provocation of the outcomes if they are there for the CEO trying to run both the office as well as the business in the new Jersey’s farms.
Without having calculated the expenses for or to pay the drivers as well as other workers, the total revenue that is also the (cash inflow) that is accrued is giving a total of $2,355.60. On the other hand, the 25 trucks revenue will total to $58,890.00; this is the cash inflow as mentioned. Since some expenses must be accrued, the total to $900.00 per single truck and there are 25 of them, which gives a total of $22,500.00. This should also be added by the entire coast of the loading and unloading workers $120.00, and the whole of this will be $3000.00 when all are paid adequately. There is also the cost of operating the Italian office that is giving a total of $41,000.00. In total, all these give coast of $ 66,500.
To know whether or not the CEO will have to make up with his requirement, the cash inflow is supposed to be more than the cash he is using to pay or the outgoing money that is the cash outflow. In this case, the cash inflows are giving a total of $58,890.00, whereas the outflow cash is offering a total of $66,500.00.
This way, you realize the expenses will be more than the income. To get this, you just take away the total amount of cash inflow to that of cash outflow. You realize that there will be a negative or deficit whereby it clear that there will be a loss of $7610.00. This gives a clear explanation as to why the company may end up not generating the revenues as expected.