BMGT 365 – Peer Evaluation Form

Peer Evaluation (5 points)

This semester you worked with other students on preparing the three team projects.  Every team member will fill out a peer evaluation form.  Please rate your team members on the relative contributions made by each person.  You are not rating yourself.

  • Your ratings are confidential and anonymous.  Be honest on this assessment.  The scores of each student in the team will be computed and averaged.  Computation is done by averaging all of the scores from the Peer Evaluation forms submitted for the group.  Your self-assessment score is not included in the calculation of your score. Once a total score (up to four points) is calculated, the instructor may add up to one additional point to that score. The highest score, including the instructor’s discretionary point, is five points.
  • Rate the performance of each group member using a scale of zero to four.
  • The instructor may add up to one point to the score of each group member’s total score.
  • Leave feedback in the Feedback Box to share comments about the group or for each member of the group.

Instructor Score:  The instructor may award up to one point to a student’s score derived from an average of the other team members self-assessment score of you. Failure to use the Group area of the classroom will result in a zero.   Failure to submit the peer evaluation will result in a zero for the student.

The Peer Evaluation is due in Week 4 by Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. eastern time.