Three tips for colleague when making a business presentation
The first tip for a good business presentation is to show passion and connect with the audience. Business presentations need to inspire the audience to get the necessary buy-in for the ideas discussed. The second tip is to tell a story; one should take the audience on a journey for better understanding. When presenting to stakeholders and investors, the presenter should help them see the story of success and the upcoming gains (Khan-Panni, 2012). Such an approach ensures emotional involvement on the part of the audience. The final tip is for the presenter to keep it simple to ensure ease of understanding. It is achievable by ensuring the conciseness of the message; it should be simple and straightforward.
Helping an employee afraid of making a presentation in front of an audience
An employee afraid of making a presentation can gain from some advice to avoid stress and anxiety. The human body has a natural reaction when faced with a difficult situation; the fight or flight response (Mauludin, 2020). When afraid, it is essential to advice the employee about avoiding nervousness by making eye contact. Lack of eye contact (looking away or looking down) are signs of nervousness. The employee should face the audience; making eye contact for a considerable duration projects confidence. Creating a good posture is important to project confidence; the employee should be adviced to watch television presenters to see their posture. It is also vital to advice the employee to practice posturing to increase confidence in presentations. The employee should also use online resources such as YouTube to see more presentations. Such platforms show how successful speakers make eye contact and stand especially on business presentations