•Complete the assignment provided.

•This work is individual. Zero collaboration is allowed.

•App must already come with preloaded data (5 records in each table minimum)

•You are free to use the connected or disconnected approach.

•You MUST use the .mdfdatabase file approach (DO NOT use LocalDBor SQLexpress)

•Your program should handle any possible exception so that the program must not crash at all

.•You need to double check/show foreign key values in some options, for example when you add a repair

•Mark breakdown:•20% for correct submission

•20% for Database design and implementation

•40% for C# classes (including SQL code)•20% for console menu system

•Submission:•Zip your project and upload to Slate by the due date.

•Also submit separately (NOT in zip file) a .doc or .pdf file containing screenshots (the data in each table, all menus, one command executed of each menu)

•Also submit separately (NOT in zip file) a .txt file containing all c#classes (the whole code), one class after another in one text file.

•Corrupt/incorrect submissions will result in a 30% penalty.

•The app must be bug free and will incur a 30% penalty for even a single crash.

Assignment 2•Create a console app using C# and .Net•Create an Car Repair management system that will do the following:•Add, update, delete a vehicle (ID, make, model, year, new/used)•Inventory feature for adding vehicle inventory (ID, vehicleID, numberOnHand, price, cost)•Repair (ID, inventoryID, whatToRepair)•Create a database to store your data, you must create a table for Vehicle, Inventory and Repair at minimum.•Write code to query, insert, update, delete your tables.


Your console application must have a hierarchy of menus and run continuously until the person quits the application:•Example:•Menu 1:•Welcome, please choose a command:•Press 1 to modify vehicles•Press 2 to modify inventory•Press 3 to modify repair•Press 4 to exit program•Menu 2: (vehicles)•Press 1 to list all vehicles•Press 2 to add a new vehicle•Press 3 to update …•Press 4 to delete …•Press 5 to return to main menu
Assignment 2•Example continued:•Menu 3: (Inventory)•Press 1 to insert new inventory•Press 2 view inventory for a vehicle•… add / update / delete an inventory•Press … to return to main menu•Menu 4: (Repair)•Press 1 to view all repairs•… add / update / delete a repair•Press … to return to the main menu•Note: all functions listed above must actually performinsert/update/delete/view using SQL commands into the