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artistic gentrification

Paragraph 1: Overview
Street art, created in urban areas for public consumption, can cause regeneration (Young, 2013). Such changes occur through the gentrification process which can sometimes cause friction among locals (Lees & Phillips, 2018). The change or evolution of street art also reflects the ethnic composition and the messages depicted in street art. Street art can initiate the gentrification process through different art forms which transform and rejuvenate through new ideas (Avramidis & Tsilimpounidi, 2016). In major world cities, gentrification has been achieved using graffiti and murals (Norris, 2018). Often painted on street walls and buildings, street art in these two forms can cause regeneration and change lifestyles. Once deteriorated regions can become modernized and affluent because of artistic transformation (Young, 2013). Mexico City is a good example of gentrification in modern cities. There is an increase in street art in Mexico; walls convey a variety of messages to both local and international populations (Jagannath, 2018). Art has also been used for the general aestheticization of city spaces by artists and wealthy stores. The resulting situation is a more expensive lifestyle and locals struggle to live in the CBD area because of its affluence. The city of Lisbon, Portugal has experienced gentrification through the arts as well. On the streets, artists paint murals with international themes and this creates an international culture in the city (Jagannath, 2018). The recognition of international cultures through art creates a situation where immigrants can move in and enjoy the lifestyle. Increasing construction and immigration indicate the high level of art gentrification in the city.
Paragraph 2: Case study of Street art in Belgrade [250words] = how the Street art in Belgrade increasing the gentrification.
In Belgrade, different models of gentrification are present; hyper-gentrification is occurring and street art is a major part of it. Different forms of street art such as graffiti have conquered Belgrade in the last ten years. It has transformed old abandoned areas into nightlife districts. Graffiti in areas such as Savamala, Cetinjska, and Dorcol Platz introduced transformation (HappyFrogTravels, 2020). For instance, Savamala which had been a congregation point for sex workers for a long time has now transformed into an urban area with a thriving nightlife (Eror, 2015). Graffiti artists like Grupa JNA and the GTR creative are active in the area; graffiti art has transformed the area and changed public opinion (HappyFrogTravels, 2020). It is now considered an urban hub where bars, galleries, and creative hubs have set up their operations (Norris, 2018). Street art like the first large-scale mural in Belgrade, the Student Looking at the Wall on Rajiceva Street, depicts the city as an education hub that encourages immigrants to come and study (HappyFrogTravels, 2020). The Belgrade Waterfront also presents a consumerist view; art images displayed on walls show a modernized area far from the designs of the past(Eror, 2015). Street art designs such as the Imitation of Life and Santa of Belgrade (by French artist Remed) have transformed Belgrade through the process of gentrification. Such a process creates a modernized city that can attract international audiences. Greater affluence and wealth in such streets increase the rents and also the cost of living (Norris, 2018).


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