Country: Australia
Preparatory: Professional Design
Subject: Academic English
Can Global Inequality be solved?

In this article Jonathan Mitchell, reflects on “How to tackle Global inequality? “From the 2018 launched report released in the yearly inequality report. The author agrees on the consistent rise of global inequality, speed of the increase varies on factors like national policies and institutions. This factors are well illustrated on graph from the launch report has so much influence on how changes will be in terms of global inequality.
The global economic growth need to be taken into consideration to create a totally different, better world. He highlights the need to have well-thought shifts in national and worldwide policies. Formulation of the action plans and implementation will form part of the solution to this global inequality report. Proper implementation of the policies like; eradicating tax evasion and progressive, well planned taxations and close monitoring of the process to make effective impacts . However, the source does not supporting approaches to back up access to education, well-paying job and boosting sources to healthcare. Therefore, supporting this policies will be the starting of the upward trajectory towards eradicating inequality.
1. Citation
2. Authors purpose and methodologies
3. The main argument and illustrations
4. Evaluation and conclusion
5. Reflection
6. Limitations