Country: Australia
Preparatory School: Professional Design
Subject: Academic English
Topic: Can global inequality be solved?

The authors approach the inequality issue by proposing implementation of forecast policies in this journal article. They have used the empirical research methodologies which include citation from other scholarly sources to consider their relation to this inequality. The purpose of this article is intentional in trying to promote economic growth and reducing the global inequality through these strategies.
The main argument revolves around the inequality and compact solutions to a more inclusive globe in G20 countries. Inclusive growth, social cohesion and wellbeing of humans are the main ideas projected by Romina Boarini, Orsetta Causa, Marc Fleurbay, Gianluca Grimalda and Ingrid Woolard (Romina Boarini 1-26). They have weighed on this topic by deliberating six key recommendations to reduce the global inequality and henceforth, promoting the wellbeing of the social class divisions. The article is a rich source although their inclination lies more on existing initiatives with few new ideas. Evaluation on this implemented issues to promote sustainable development goals that can be worked on with proper projections on what needs to be achieved. Post review of already existing strategies needs to be put on scale with sustainable development goals and suggestions should be discussed on how to do it better in reducing inequality and hence promoting social cohesion.
1. Citation
2. The Authors’ purpose and methodology
3. Main argument, Ideas and Examples
4. Evaluation and Conclusion
5. Limitations
6. Reflections