Country: Australia
Preparatory School: Professional Design
Subject: Academic English

Assignment Topic: Can global inequality be solved?

This article written by Dr. Marjorie Wood and Dr. Nick Gallaso in their article “8 Ways to Reduce Global Inequality.” focuses on ways to creating a new equal world in terms of economic flows. They use research focus framework .This is in order to reverse the corrosive trends that creates imbalances and they have eight bulleted ways to change the condition into a friendlier globe with less conflicts and violence. They argue with referred data from integrity centers globally which makes their information viable for annonation.
Most of their arguments revolve around what the status quo influences in the world of economics, taxation, labor and human rights. Their expertise in policies research and deliberations around inequality compliments the input they have weighed in in this article. The global inequality an issue that has to be taken into serious consideration to reduce the economic imbalances in the societies. The eight ways give clarity to my plans to creating a balanced space and not building spaces between the privileged and the less privileged.The focus drifted to more economic issues without indepth capture on social contexts but I chose to overlook. My choice on this annotation is based on its well highlighted policies from change of the global wealth tax, the navigation through human rights to organize. Creating a more open and free forum based on surveyed trade policies give comprehensive reasons for this choice of annonation. Dr. Wood and Dr. Gallaso dissect these global inequality in a deeper way and the given ways seem to be workable.
1. Citation
2. Authors purpose and methodologies
3. The main argument and illustrations
4. Evaluation and conclusion
5. Reflection
6. Limitations